Profile for Identification Systems for PROFINET available

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is now making the “Identification Systems – Proxy Ident Function Block” profile available for PROFINET, as well. Product tracing and optimization of logistics processes are playing a more and more important role in industry. For this reason RFID systems often have to be integrated into higher-level company networks.

These tasks are well supported through application of the profile. The interoperability between the controller and identification systems is based on agreements regarding communication events, basic application services, and the programming language to be used. The “Proxy Ident Block (PIB)” device block based on IEC 61131-3 has been specified for this purpose. In this process the communication interface has been encapsulated by function blocks, and a uniform interface to the control program has been created.

With the extension of the profile, both PROFIBUS and PROFINET modules can now be addressed via a uniform interface. Thus, the foundation is laid for enabling the device block for access to identification devices in the PROFINET network, as well. As a result it is now possible to use the same PID block to integrate both PROFIBUS and PROFINET devices. The new profile version is backward compatible.

Through use of the profile, users can make use of identification devices of different providers via a standardized interface. This can result in significant time savings during commissioning, which reduces costs for system integrators and ultimately also for operators.

By: Mayer