PROFIenergy - the automatic start/stop system for industry

PROFIenergy allows improved energy management during idle times. Measurements indicate that up to 30 % of energy could be saved using PROFIenergy to switch end devices into energy-saving modes.

Rising energy costs have raised energy management and responsible handling of resources to a high priority in the field of industrial automation. Thus, energy saving during production is an increasingly important objective when implementing new plants or plant upgrades. The vendor-neutral PROFIenergy energy savings profile from PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) can contribute significantly to this objective by selectively switching off unneeded loads.

Similar to the fuel savings achieved by automatic start/stop systems in automobiles, reductions in energy consumption during pauses and idle times are made possible through the use of PROFIenergy. Based on different use cases, the opportunities for energy savings with PROFIenergy will be demonstrated on a model racetrack at the PI booth at SPS/IPC/DRIVES. Savings will be demonstrated for different traffic situations involving typical stop times of vehicles based on the difference in fuel consumption by vehicles with and without automatic start/stop systems. 

This playful simulation will point out the similarity between the automatic start/stop systems in automobiles and the PROFIenergy technology in automation systems and allows an analogy to be drawn regarding market penetration. Similar to automatic start/stop systems in automobiles, PROFIenergy will increasingly become an accepted standard within industry. The trendsetter in this case is the automobile industry itself, which is already using PROFIenergy applications.

By: Weber