PROFIenergy performs in practice

Todays's industrial environment continues to require enormous amounts of energy. A significant portion of this energy is completely wasted during intervals when no production is taking place.  The vendor-neutral PROFIenergy energy saving profile of PI (PROFI-BUS & PROFINET International) can change this by selectively switching off unneeded loads. The result can be up to 80% energy savings depending on the type of production.

The fact that PROFIenergy is not just a vision but a goal-oriented and sustainable answer to the increasing demands of plant owners for energy efficiency is demonstrated by the high level of in-terest and the large number of companies that are currently grappling with the automatic start/stop system for industry. A pioneer in this regard is the automotive industry, which sees this solution as an optimal and economical instrument for real improvements in energy efficiency. Here, PROFIenergy applications are already finding their way into new production plants. For example, they are already installed at an automotive manufacturer plant in which robot cells with sensors and actuators are used in the productive environment of the bodyshop.

The advance of the automotive industry is currently motivating many component manufacturers to introduce PROFIenergy functionality into their products, which in turn makes the use of this idle time management even more attractive for plant manufacturers and owners. This establishes a clear trend towards every automation component soon having PROFIenergy "inside".

At SPS/IPC/Drives 2012, PI will present an example of realistic potential savings using a practical live demonstration in which a robot will guide a marionette within a robot cell. It will act out the possible plant states (operation, fault, short pause, long pause) using various scenes.  The robot cell controller will shut down the robot and other stations, as appropriate, via PROFIenergy commands. Measuring devices will be used to detect and display the resulting savings live.