PROFIBUS UK Announces new training schedule at MMU

Further details of each of these training events follow on. Anyone wishing to register can do so on-line or download a Fax-back Registration Form using the links at the end of this news item.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
(Also available on-site for up to 8 engineers)
Engineers wishing to build their careers around Profibus, companies wanting to benchmark their technical staff or consultants seeking a recognised professional qualification in industrial networking can now train for Certified PROFIBUS Engineer status.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Process Automation Module
Extra day for Engineers that wish to extend their knowledge and accreditation to include Process Automation. Must be booked in conjunction with Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course (above).

Certified Open-PLC Engineer Training
Also available on-site for up to 10 people)
The PROFIBUS Competence Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in the UK has introduced a new 2½-day short course covering Open-PLC programming using the international standard IEC 61131-3. The course is designed for Engineers and Technicians who want to gain a recognised qualification in open-PLC programming using IEC 61131-3. No prior experience of PLC programming is necessary, however, the course is also equally well suited for experienced Programmers who wish to move to IEC 61131-3 compliant systems.

Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course
Also available on-site for up to 12)
An essential course for electrical engineers and technicians needing to upgrade their skills to include fieldbus installation. This one-day, hands-on course teaches the design, installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks including DP/FMS, PA and optical fibre technology. Covering bus layout and termination, grounding rules and practices, the course will teach delegates how to avoid common, but potentially expensive, installation problems.

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