PROFIBUS Recommendation for Cabling and Assembly Now Available

Karlsruhe - 30 September 2005:

PROFIBUS International (PI) is publishing a three-volume manual with installation recommendations for PROFIBUS. The trilogy covers the topics planning, cabling, assembly and commissioning of systems and specifically offers the practitioner a summary of the existing PROFIBUS installation guidelines. The installation recommendations are authored in simple and straightforward language with numerous illustrations for explanation purposes. The focus is on the practical application in the field.

The first volume of the trilogy, ?PROFIBUS Recommendation for Cabling and Assembly?, is now available (order no.: 8.021 German / 8.022 English). The ?PROFIBUS Recommendation for Commissioning? follow at the end of this year, the ?PROFIBUS Recommendation for Planning? in the middle of 2006 ? each in German and English.

The ?Recommendation for Cabling and Assembly? volume explains the professional installation of PROFIBUS connectors, the correct handling of cables and fiber optics, and the professional assembly of system cabling. The volume presents all common connector types and connection technologies ? the individual installation steps are presented as text and image. Numerous figures present explanatory illustrations of correct cable laying, and point out errors that are frequently found in practice. An additional and important chapter deals with measures concerning shielding, grounding and equipotential bonding and provides notes about avoiding damages from ESD.

The volume has approx. 120 pages using A5 format. It is available for 36.00 ? (18.00 ? for PROFIBUS members) and can be ordered from the Regional PROFIBUS Associations. It is printed on very durable sturdy paper that can be wiped off and features a laminated cover and spiral binding.

In addition, the installation recommendations are available as PDF files and can be downloaded free of charge from the PROFIBUS website at

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