PROFIBUS Planning Guideline available
Set of guidelines now complete
Three-part Installation Guideline supports plant manufacturers and operators

Three-part Installation Guideline supports plant manufacturers and operators

With its three-part Installation Guide, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is providing support to plant manufacturers and operators for their planning, installation, and commissioning activities. Through proper conceptual planning and careful installation, operators can avoid countless errors from the outset.


The first two volumes of the three-volume set ("Cabling and Assembly Guideline" and "Commissioning Guideline") have been available in German and English for some time. With the publication of the PROFIBUS Guideline for Planning, PI is providing plant operators with an easy-to-use overview document containing all information relevant for planning PROFIBUS systems.


The guideline is aimed at persons who are engaged in the planning of PROFIBUS systems. The volume includes information for PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA. The reader is guided through the planning process in a structured manner. In addition to providing support for the plant topology definition, the guideline also covers the selection of cable types and plug connectors. Information is provided for planning transmission lines using copper cable as well as optical means. The guideline also contains tips for estimating the bus cycle time and information regarding shielding and grounding of PROFIBUS systems as well as a document template for planning and documenting plants.


The three guidelines can be ordered in hard copy from the PI Support Center or downloaded from
 (price per volume: 24 € non-members, 18 € members, special price for complete 3-volume set: 55 € non-members, 39 € members). The pdf download is available free-of-charge to all interested parties.


A corresponding set of guidelines for PROFINET will be created next. The PROFINET Assembly Guideline is already available and can also be ordered in German or English from the PI Support Center (24 € non-members, 18 € members).

By: Weber