PROFIBUS PASSES 20 Million As PROFINET Ramps Up Synergy

PROFIBUS PASSES 20 Million As PROFINET Ramps Up Synergy

PROFIBUS, the world's most popular fieldbus, continues to grow. Not content with record annual sales of 3.4 million in 2006 alone it raced past the 20 million total in April this year to become the world's most successful fieldbus by far! With PROFINET ramping up sales at the same time, PROFIBUS shows no sign of slowing down. It seems that end users want to continue using well-proven PROFIBUS technology at the same time as they deploy PROFINET Industrial Ethernet solutions. Since PROFINET can integrate PROFIBUS easily, this makes sense.


"PROFIBUS is now the most successful fieldbus in history", says PI Chairman Edgar Küster. "It leads the world, while at the same time PROFINET is delivering a compatible future. PROFINET was designed to be tightly coupled with PROFIBUS and will complement the market's huge commitment to PROFIBUS. PROFINET is also able to easily integrate most other popular networks too, including Interbus, FF, HART, DeviceNet and AS-Interface."


"Profiles such as PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive operate consistently on both platforms", he pointed out, "so moving between them is simple. This synergy means legacy investments in skills and equipment are fully protected. Frankly, we are sure that PROFINET will rapidly follow the example of PROFIBUS, to become the automation world's most successful Industrial Ethernet technology."

By: Weber