PROFIBUS PA Profile Simplified

PROFIBUS PA Profile Simplified

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) announces the release of a new version of its successful ?Profile for Process Automation? (PROFIBUS PA) application profile. The purpose of version 3.02, which is fully compatible with its predecessor, is to simplify the profile document and improve readability.


To increase the value for users in process automation, the PROFIBUS PA profile specification has undergone a continuous and compatible further development in recent years. As such, requirements of users for applications related to safety technology in process automation have resulted in the specification ?PROFIsafe for PA Devices?. Requests of users for sound diagnostic and status information (NE107) have contributed to the specification ?Condensed Status and Diagnostic Messages? in a similar way. ?Identification and Maintenance Functions? as the third expansion meets the requirements of system-oriented asset management for field devices of process automation.


Implementing the different user requirements in specifications naturally occurred at different times and in form of amendments to the PROFIBUS PA profile specification version 3.01. Together with resolved change requests, amendments and profile specification are now combined in profile 3.02 whose compatibility with the preceding version provides the necessary investment protection.


In the process of combining them, the standardization of certain device functions is checked which, until now, have been implemented manufacturer-wide in best practice solutions. An optimization of the communication processes while uploading and downloading parameters is also the focus of the work which will be completed by the end of 2007.


Benefits from standardizing the profile document, simplifying and improving the readability manifest themselves in an additional quality increase during the implementation of profile-specific functionality in field devices of process automation. The PROFIBUS PA profile version 3.02 establishes a uniform and sound basis for future expansions close to the requests of system operators and the requirements of the market.

By: Weber