PROFIBUS Maintenance & Troubleshooting session in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Because of great interest in PROFIBUS training courses, the PROFIBUS Competence Center in Saudi Arabia are organizing again aPROFIBUS Maintenance & Troubleshooting session in Khobar on January 23-24, 2012.


This workshop is fully concentrated on those who install and maintain PROFIBUS installations. The participant will learn how to analyze, localize and solve a problem. Theory about cabling, shielding, grounding and measurement tools is the basis of this knowledge. With the help of practical exercises, the participant will put theory into practice.


At the end of this workshop, the participants are fully capable to maintain, strategically localize, analyze and solve problems in PROFIBUS installations. The participants will also learn about cabling techniques, shielding, and grounding and PROFIBUS components.

They will also be able to handle the necessary measurement tools.


All Participants will have the ability to test and practice in PROFIBUS Demo system with analyzing tools.


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By: Weber