PROFIBUS Installer's Course Offered in North America

This one-day course is targeted at people who have little prior technical knowledge of PROFIBUS or other field-bus systems. The course gives an overview of PROFIBUS network operation and characteristics and covers the theory, practice and common pitfalls of PROFIBUS DP network installation. This is a hands-on course with a major portion of the time spent building and debugging real PROFIBUS systems, both Copper Wire and Fiber Optic. Attendees are given an overview of alternative connection strategies including IR and Wireless. They will learn how to lay out and install PROFIBUS networks and how to use diagnostic tools and on-device diagnostic LEDs to detect faults and identify their causes. This course will be taught at the PROFI Interface Center in Johnson City, TN. The costs are $650 for PTO members, $800 for non-members. The course is completely portable and can be given at your location. If you wish to sign up for this course, please contact;


Lynne Froehlich

Administrative Director

Profibus Trade Organization

16101 N. 82nd Street, Suite 3B

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

480 483-2456

480 483-7202 - FAX

By: Aldridge