PROFIBUS continues to grow

Karlsruhe, April 04, 2005:

PROFIBUS International (PI) is well on course to reach its target of doubling the number of installed units from 10 to 20 million within four years (2004 until the end of 2007). The manufacturers of PROFIBUS devices achieved a turnover growth of 30 % in comparison with the previous year, with 2.6 million being installed in 2004. Further growth is expected in 2005.

Approximately 2.1 million PROFIBUS devices were in use in process engineering by the end of 2004. This meant that PI had further expanded its leading position in all market segments. In addi-tion to major overall growth, development on the market for installed process instruments was particularly dynamic. About 400,000 units with the PROFIBUS profile PA device were in use in process engineering plants and systems by the end of 2004, this representing an overall doubling of installed PA devices in the last 2 years.

Edgar Küster, chairman of the PROFIBUS International, has identified the reasons for this market success as lying chiefly in the universality of PROFIBUS. ?Utilization of a fieldbus solution can reduce the total cost of ownership of a system dramatically. The more universal the solution and the greater the spectrum of applications, the higher the potential savings. PROFIBUS is the only all purpose fieldbus applicable for all areas of production and process automation.? The interna-tional network of regional PROFIBUS organizations and competence centers is also extremely important for spreading PROFIBUS on a global level, as these offer first class support on all con-tinents. Users profit particularly from the complete range of PROFIBUS products on offer for al-most every application and the extensive number of manufacturers, coupled with the associated freedom of choice of the most suitable provider.

?The current broad acceptance in the chemical industry and process engineering, with the high safety standards demanded of these sectors, is also an indication of the excellent quality and certi-fication processes that distinguish PROFIBUS,? says Edgar Küster. ?PROFIBUS certification test-ing by independent accredited test laboratories ensures that the devices tested conform to commu-nication specifications. This is a decisive factor both for users and manufacturers when it comes to investments?.

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