PROFIBUS and PROFINET in the Middle East

PROFIBUS and PROFINET in the Middle East

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is increasing support for PROFIBUS and PROFINET in the Middle East with the foundation of a regional PROFIBUS & PROFINET association (RPA) and a PI Competence Center in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


The Middle East, a region which offers many attractive business and commerce opportunities, represents a particularly buoyant market. The primary industry is that of oil and gas. The established and proven PROFIBUS PA is ideal for these typical process applications. In addition to the universal applicability of PROFIBUS thanks to the numerous application profiles, the broad base of vendors (and, consequently, that of interoperable devices) and the established quality and certification system, global support is one of the reasons for the success of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.


The foundation of the regional organization ?PROFIME? and the PI Competence Center in the Middle East further expands the global PROFIBUS network. PROFIBUS Middle East currently counts 25 users and vendors among its members. The international umbrella organization PI now has 25 regional user associations on all five continents, and 1,400 members across the globe.


The accredited competence center is the first of its kind in the region, offering a unique service package of certified training courses and workshops in addition to direct local advice and support. It can also be seen at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. The extensive options for continuous training and development offered by the competence center provide an assurance of sound specialist knowledge and are contributing to the ongoing development and distribution of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

By: Weber