PNO Press Conference, 28th November 2007 - Statements of the speakers

PNO Press Conference

Thomas Schott, Vice President Factory Automation, Siemens A&D, Nuremberg, Germany


?PROFINET with IRT has proven to be reliable in many motion control applications and it will be available for SIMATIC products shortly as well. Together with PNO and the automation partners involved, Siemens ensures the further development of PROFINET with IRT to the Ethernet system with best performance in all applications. At the same time PROFINET is always open for TCP/IP and IT communication, and also covers all requirements in safety engineering. Step by step, the optimization approaches of the joint project ?Real-time Ethernet for sensor / actor networking? will be integrated in our products."

Roland Bent, Executive Vice President Marketing and Development, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany


"The real-time Ethernet protocol PROFINET is an integral component part of the IT powered automation concept of Phoenix Contact. It offers a complete PROFINET product portfolio which has already proved to be reliable in many applications. To mention only a few here: automation in the vehicle body construction for Audi models A4 and A5, a freezer storage building or supply ships for offshore drilling platforms.


The fact that our decision in favour of the PROFINET protocol was right is substantiated also by the scientific joint project under the title of ?Real-time Ethernet in sensor / actor networking? of the University of Applied Science of Lippe and Höxter which was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The examination results reveal that PROFINET is the fastest future-oriented real-time Ethernet protocol on account of the underlying transmission mode.


Against this background, Phoenix Contact developed its own PROFINET IO device chip which significantly reduces the connection costs of simple field units and which will be offered by our subsidiary KW-Software at the beginning of 2009. Within the framework of the PROFINET Competence Centre, KW-Software assists the device manufacturers in the integration and adaptation of PROFINET technology, Phoenix Contact ensuring the consultation, training and support. On account of the certification of the PROFINET devices by the accredited Phoenix Testlab Institute, the value-added chain is completely covered.?

Karl-Peter Simon, Vice President Sales Europe, Danfoss GmbH, Offenbach, Germany


?In the 1990s, Danfoss actively supported the introduction of PROFIBUS. Today, this technology has established itself in the market as the leading fieldbus standard. For this reason, it is of great interest and advantage for our customers that we continue this standard with PROFINET, ensuring that we follow-up with the increasing demands and needs of our customers.


With regard to the possibility of integrating random fieldbuses by means of a proxy concept, PROFINET also ensures protection of the investments already made and the possibility of an easy and gradual change-over.


The communication of PROFINET is scalable. This allows, simple control tasks with low data volume and motion control applications with control, speed, torque or extended curve data to be realized together. Because of this PROFINET is suitable for all kinds of industrial communication. It enables Danfoss, to set up the configurable frequency converter platform VLT® AutomationDrive together with PROFINET for the optimal solution of future customer requirements."

By: Weber