PNO Establishes "Research & Education" Working Group

Karlsruhe  06 June 2005:


PROFIBUS International (PI) established the "Research and Education? working group (TC5/WG7). The goal of this working group consists of strengthening the cooperation of PROFIBUS International with the universities and technical colleges to achieve an improved teaching of the automation technologies PROFIBUS and PROFINET in education.

The activities of the working group include:

  • Providing information material and presentation slides for education
  • Information and training events for teaching faculty and lab engineers as well as regular workshops on selected topics
  • Preparation and supply of standard lab experiments
  • Partner exchange for companies and universities on a regional basis
  • Research activities beyond the university about the topics of industrial communication
  • Setup of an international network.

With the appointment of two chairmen of the work group Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Niemann (Technical University Hanover) and Prof. Dr. Frank Schiller (Technical University Munich) PROFIBUS International ensures that good contacts to universities and technical colleges exist from the start.

Companies and institutions of higher education interested in collaborating can contact the PROFIBUS International Support Office (e-mail: For universities and technical colleges the participation in this working group will be possible without being a member of PROFIBUS International.



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