PI technologies penetrate the markets

As in previous years, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) started a notarial record of the devices brought to the market. The forecast based on a snapshot of the notarial record shows that 2012 was a very good year for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and PROFIsafe. PROFINET set a record again in 2012 with 1.5 million new devices brought to the market over the year and expanded the installed base to 5.8 million devices. The number of installed PROFIBUS devices increased in 2012 to over 43.8 million. Of these, 7.5 million can be found in process automation plants. The development of PROFIsafe continues to be particularly encouraging. With 600,000 PROFIsafe nodes brought to the market in 2012, the previous year's figure was exceeded by 50 %. This increased the total number of PROFIsafe nodes to 2.15 million.

An important foundation for this success is the decision made some years ago by the members of PI to tailor their technologies to cover the full range of industrial automation – from factory and process automation to the most highly efficient motion control applications including functional safety. This has undoubtedly been the case with PROFIBUS for years. PROFINET and PROFIsafe are very well established in several fields ranging from factory automation and drive applications to motion control. In process automation, PROFINET is already used as the backbone, with PROFINET and PROFIsafe used as the inbound/outbound processors in a great many applications. Users from the process automation sector are showing strong interest in using PROFINET und PROFIsafe in the field of continuous processes.

PI's close cooperation with end-users and their organisations at the requirements level, which has taken place continuously for years, builds the users' trust in the technology and in the performance and continuity of the organisation behind it – PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI).

By: Weber