PI organization on course for growth worldwide

Interest in PROFIBUS and PROFINET and the umbrella organization behind them, PI ( (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International), continues. The 21st PI meeting was held in early July 2009 in Krakow, Poland. Over 80 representatives attended from 22 countries, including Australia, South Africa, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, USA, and Chile, as well as numerous European countries. This year’s event was the largest since the PI organization was founded in 1995. It also marked the first meeting attended by a representative from India, where a regional PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association (RPA) is currently being established.

The main purpose of the annual PI meetings is to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge among RPAs. This international cooperation produces significant synergy effects in the development of innovative solutions that are tailored to applications. In addition, cross-country projects and marketing actions as well as global marketing strategies are developed and coordinated within this international body.

The PI Competence Centers (PICCs) as well as the PI Training Centers (PITCs) and PI Test Labs (PITLs), which stand for technical support and quality assurance in the areas of technology and training, also met in Krakow at the same time as the PI meeting. Here, too, the number of accredited service providers continues to grow constantly. Today, a total of 42 PICCs and 16 PITCs are part of the global PI organization. They provide support to users and manufacturers in case of technical issues and offer certified training courses for becoming a “Certified Engineer” or “Certified Installer.” No other community of interest in the area of industrial communication can rival this comprehensive network of expertise and know-how.