PI and PNO Chairman Edgar Küster has passed away

Edgar Küster, long-time Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PNO and Chairman of PI passed away on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 at the age of 59. PNO Germany, and PI mourn the loss of our committed colleague and superior who gave us such outstanding service. Since taking office in the PNO in 1995 and for PI in 2001, Edgar Küster, with his exceptional creative energy and integration skills, contributed greatly in leading PNO and PI to the dominant position they hold internationally.


During his period in office, PROFIBUS technology advanced considerably for use in process automation, in the drive industries and in safety-focused automation. In 2000 Edgar Küster became the champion of PROFINET and during this time he persevered in advancing the technology.


When he commenced his work in 1995 he decisively boosted the international presence of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The number of members in Germany rose from 130 to more than 270, while the number of international members rose from 250 to more than 1,400.


For us, Edgar Küster was always a highly committed, reliable and helpful colleague and superior. We will greatly miss the energy he always exhibited in leading PI and the PNO. We will always have fond memories of him and his creative power for work and his integration skills.


We would like to express our condolences and our deepest sympathy to the family of Edgar Küster. We wish them the best.


The PI Deputy Chairman,

the PNO Board of Directors,

the PNO Advisory Board,

the PNO Staff and the PI Support Center

By: Obermann