New PROFIsafe Starter Kit

New PROFIsafe Starter Kit

With the PROFIsafe starter kit for members of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) access to the PROFIsafe world couldn't be simpler. The new version 3.4 of the PROFIsafe starter kit reflects the present status of the PROFIsafe profile Version 2.4, respectively of the IEC 61784-3-3.


The version 2.4 of the PROFIsafe contains a few important add-ons in the area of engineering. In addition, it now satisfies a range of user requests, such as multi-instance capability and variable process data during runtime. The new version of the PROFIsafe starter kit, which is already available for immediate order, takes these additions into account.


Besides all PROFIBUS and PROFINET specifications required for development, the starter kit contains first and foremost the source files for the so called PROFIsafe driver software (PSD) and a detailed implementation manual in English and German. Furthermore, it provides several CRC (cyclic redundancy check) tools and aids for creation of GSD files with safety-related parameters. Sample adaptations of the PSD to commonly used PROFIBUS and PROFINET stacks assist the user in performing his own necessary adaptations. Special slow motion monitors allow the PROFIsafe protocol sequences to be observed in slow motion.


Likewise a completely new feature is the support for the iPar-Server (option for storage and reload of individual safety parameters) and the TCI interface. The CD-ROM contains example applications for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET that guide the user step-by-step in getting started with PROFIsafe.


For further information on the starter kit as well as information on how to order please visit the new PROFIsafe homepage: [broken link #28].

By: Weber