New PROFINET basic information

New PROFINET basic information


PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is publishing a new version of the PROFINET system description for the Hanover trade fair, as well as an informational brochure on the base technology. These two publications provide important basic information that describes the current level of PROFINET technology and its efficient implementation in products.


The concentrated presentation of the fundamentals in the PROFINET system description provides the reader with a quick overview of the full scope of functions, from network installation and scalable communication to web-based diagnostics. Following an initial overview, a host of topics that make PROFINET a universal and comprehensive Ethernet-based automation technology, that can be used by the entire industrial automation field, are discussed.


To supplement the system description, PI has published "PROFINET Technology - The Easy Way to PROFINET". This informational brochure shows the options for integrating PROFINET into products. It also provides a good overview of the available services, from basic consultation to complete development. The brochure is a very good supplement to PI's developer seminars and competence centers.


Both documents are available for download free of charge on the PI website (Downloads) in both English and German.



By: Weber