New PROFIBUS Installation Guidelines for Cabling, Assembly & Commissioning

New PROFIBUS Installation Guidelines for Cabling and Assembly and for Commissioning


PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has published an Installation Guide in three parts to support engineers working on the design, installation and commissioning of PROFIBUS systems. The first part, ?PROFIBUS Installation Guideline for Cabling and Assembly? has been revised and is now available in its second edition. The second edition is supplemented by an interactive software package (Web Based Training) which will run on any PC and tells you everything you need to know about assembly in an easy-to-understand format. The Web Based Training is available as a CD version inside the hard copy of ?PROFIBUS Installation Guideline for Cabling and Assembly? or can be downloaded for free from [broken link #26].


The ?PROFIBUS Guideline for Cabling and Assembly? explains how to assemble PROFIBUS connectors correctly, how to deal with cables and optical fibers and how to cable systems professionally. The guideline provides information about all standard connector types and connection methods and the various assembly steps are illustrated in the form of text and images. Numerous illustrations clearly describe how to lay cables correctly and highlight common errors made frequently in practice. Another important section deals with shielding, grounding and potential equalization, as well as providing information about how to avoid damage caused by ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).


Part 2, the ?PROFIBUS Installation Guideline for Commissioning? is now available in hard copy as well. This part describes how simple methods can be used to check existing cables. It presents a variety of checking devices and describes how acceptance tests are carried out. The guideline provides instructions for creating acceptance reports, step-by-step commissioning and troubleshooting. The descriptions of typical signal characteristics provide users with important status information about their systems. Separate sections deal with Sub-D connectors and 4- and 5-pin M12 connectors as well as optical fibers. The practical value of the manual is evident in the numerous illustrations, flow charts and checklists.


Both installation guidelines ?Cabling and Assembly? and the ?Commissioning? have been designed for practical, onsite use. They are spiral-bound, wipe clean and are printed on heavy duty paper in handy A5 format. Both parts can be purchased from the PI Support Center in English or German for 18 euros (PI members) or 27 euros (non-members) or downloaded for free from the [broken link #27]. A Japanese translation of the guidelines is also available at



By: Weber