New “Drive Technology with PROFINET” white paper

A new PI white paper entitled “Drive Technology with PROFINET” highlights all aspects that make PROFINET an extremely high-performance drive bus and emphatically confirms its reputation as a leading Ethernet-based communication system for automation engineering.  

The path of drive technology from simple frequency converters with analog setpoint and actual value signals to the use of PROFIBUS DP as a fieldbus and PROFIdrive as a vendor-neutral device profile logically leads to the use of Industrial Ethernet-based PROFINET as a drive bus. The white paper describes the means used to increase a drive application's performance, such as higher transmission rates, direct data exchange, and clock synchronization, and presents the interaction with safety and energy management applications and the simple networking with higher levels, among other things.

The white paper also describes the properties of PROFIdrive with its application classes and the properties of PROFINET with its scalable cycle times and various conformance classes. Furthermore, it details the user benefits resulting from the interaction of the two technologies, namely increased flexibility, performance, and in particular cost-effectiveness.

The white paper includes information on interface implementation, free standard implementation of PROFIdrive, and changing from PROFIBUS to PROFINET. This information is especially aimed at device manufacturers and plant and machine owners.

Additionaly, the document includes hints on global support from PI and an appendix containing additional information.

The new white paper can be downloaded in German and English free of charge at: