New course covers faultfinding and maintenance on PROFIBUS networks

Designed as an add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course (CPIC), The PROFIBUS Maintenance Technician Course (PMTC) covers the practical techniques of faultfinding on ?operational? PROFIBUS networks. Students on the course will learn how to interpret standard and extended diagnostic messages that are part of the standardised PROFIBUS protocol. These diagnostics can help to quickly find a wide range of operational faults on working systems.

Techniques taught include the use of a modern PROFIBUS analyser and Class-II master (engineering tool) to diagnose network faults, device faults and I/O problems. Students also learn how to use a soft digital storage oscilloscope in conjunction with these tools to diagnose and accurately locate cable, connection and device faults.

While the Maintenance Course teaches how to find and locate faults in working PROFIBUS systems, the technician must already have a good understanding of the types of faults that can occur and their causes. The one-day Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course - also offered at MMU - provides the basic grounding which is essential to understanding these more advanced techniques. Hence, the new course is offered either standalone at £375 to students that have already passed the Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course, or as the second day of a combined Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Maintenance course costing £695 for the two days. Dates are for the two courses are 12 & 13 Oct, 5 & 6 Dec 2005 and 13 & 14 Mar 2006

The courses are bookable through The PROFIBUS Group. People interested in booking places on the course should send an email to for further details and a Registration Form


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