NAMUR supports development of Field Device Integration

NAMUR supports development of Field Device Integration, a uniform device integration concept



The EDDL Cooperation and the FDT Group announced an agreement in April 2007 for the development of a uniform solution for device integration called Field Device Integration (FDI).


Based on EDDL, FDT , OPC UA technologies and itm?s (institute of information, technology and mechanical engineering; Technical University Munich) device integration concepts, the FDI Draft specification is planned for release by the end of 2008. NAMUR supports this approach and eagerly anticipates the results from this joint effort.


The two primary methods for integrating field devices with control systems, EDDL and FDT/DTM, are both well established in the process industry. Taken individually, neither approach satisfies all the user requirements defined in the NAMUR recommendation, NE105. NAMUR supports FDI because it is intended to combine the advantages of FDT/DTM and EDDL technologies into one solution for users.


NAMUR anticipates that FDI will also satisfy the following:


- Universal acceptance by vendors

- Acceptance as an International Standard

- Compliance with all parts of NE 105

- Compatibility with the installed base

- Migration of existing technologies


The new solution will contain the technologies of EDDL and FDT. It is the clear goal of the FDI project team not to create a third solution on the market.


NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries and is engaged in the following key activities: pooling experiences among its member companies, setting user requirements on new devices, systems and technologies, participating in national and international standardization bodies. NAMUR represents approx. 15,000 PCS experts, of whom approx. 300 are active in the 46 working groups that cover the fields of measurement & control, automation, communication, process control and electrical engineering over the entire life-cycle of systems, including planning, procurement, installation, operation as well as maintenance and shutdown.


EDDL Cooperation Team (ECT): In 2003, the three leading field device foundations (Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation and PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation) signed a cooperative agreement to develop a common specification for graphical visualization and persistent data storage enabled by Electronic Device Description Language. All three of the organizations utilize EDDs for parameterization and description of their devices. In 2004, OPC joined the cooperation team. With EDDL?, an established IEC standard, it made sense for the OPC specification to base their data structure on that same standard and work with the organizations to develop a standard interface to the Unified Architecture. The four organizations signed an agreement in 2004 to cooperate in the development of that interface.


In April 2007 the FDT Group joined the ECT on the basis of a technical agreement to jointly develop a new common standard for device integration called FDI . The Steering Committee is comprised of the presidents of each foundation plus one representative from each organization?s membership. Hans Georg Kumpfmueller, is chairman of the committee.



By: Weber