Logitek Competence Center is the first PI Training Center (PITC) in Spain

Fernando Conde from the new PITC in Spain.

Since 22 January 2013 LOGITEK S.A. is a PITC for PROFIBUS. The instructor Fernando Conde trains PROFIBUS Installers and PROFIBUS Engineers to become certified experts. All course and documentation are done in spanish language.

PITCs organize up to five different types of training courses; all of them are audited and standardized by PI in order to guarantee the maximum quality.

At the end of each course the participants must successfully pass the exams in order to obtain the qualification. All the people who pass the exam appear in the list of Certified Installers and Engineers published on PI website:


The Logitek Competence Center has a DemoCenter where the attendants can practice with PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology to become familiar with these technologies. The Democenter disposes of more than forty devices of fifteen different manufacturers, used to give support, training, demonstration and engineering.

Beside the next Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course will take place in Barcelona, June 20th.

Logitek S.A. offers some more workshops and seminars in the field of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The next are:

•    Workshop of Introduction to PROFINET Technology at 14 May in Barcelona
•    Course of PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance at 15  and 16 May in Barcelona
•    Workshop of Introduction to PROFIBUS technology at 22 May in Barcelona