JTEKT offers future-proof connectivity thanks to a PROFINET Controller

The major Japanese manufacturer of auto parts / machine tools JTEKT Corporation has now developed an integrated PROFINET Controller. JTEKT is supporting the traditional PLCs markets for machine builders and factory automation. For many long years, JTEKT is supporting Toyota Production System (TPS) as a line builder, and now also on-going to be a solution provider of digitalization.

The requirements of the use cases of IOT and Industrie 4.0, which are of course adopted and driven in Japan, enforce the usage of a robust and reliable network solution. The parallel TCP/IP communication in the network, e. g. OPC UA, is a must to solve solutions for a better maintenance and operation based on a simple and secure data access. PROFINET offers these features today and is future proof thanks to the Ethernet-Standard compliance. Thanks to the proven wireless PROFINET communication, also for safety application, new mobile and wire saving machines are available.   

With the integration of a PROFINET Controller in the TOYOPUC Plus system many different PROFINET devices from local and worldwide vendors can be connected not only in new machines but also in existing ones. TOYOPUC Plus system offers also the connectivity from PROFINET to other network systems.

By: Weber