IO-Link: the path is clear for broad application
IO-Link Members Assembly 2013 in Frankfurt

At the finish: as of September 2013, IO-Link will be available worldwide as an international standard according to IEC 61131-9. The number of companies in the IO-Link member community whose devices and systems support universal point-to-point connections has further increased. Likewise, the number of companies that are benefiting from integration of the open communication interface in their equipment concepts is also increasing rapidly. By means of suitable communication and marketing measures, IO-Link should attract even more attention from potential users in the future.

“We succeeded in adding 9 new members last year, bringing the current total to about 60 device and system manufacturers and plant owners that see a tremendous future for the fieldbus-neutral interface – a growing trend!”, concluded Joachim Lorenz, Spokesperson for the IO-Link Member Community, at the Members Assembly on June 12, 2013.

The new slogan “Use IO-Link” serves as an invitation to use the technology and is also intended to express what IO-Link stands for: “u” for universally applicable, “s” for smart and intelligent equipment solutions, and “e” for easy installation, parameter assignment, and diagnostics concepts. The member community wants to intensify its efforts in the coming year to communicate the advantages, benefits, and possible uses of the IO-Link technology to a broad circle of potential users. Ranging from intelligent sensors down to individual configurable signal lights and everything in between, there is a wide variety of process devices, master systems, and control systems available from different manufacturers.

The member community of machine and equipment manufacturers wants to demonstrate the functionality and advantages of IO-Link in a series of hands-on workshops. For information and dates, see

IO-Link Steering Committee

To expedite worldwide propagation of IO-Link, the member community has made changes to its organizational structure and has created a new marketing infrastructure. In order to guarantee efficient, goal-oriented further development and market penetration, a Steering Committee (SC) has been formed. All sub-areas of IO-Link (master manufacturers, device manufacturers, system providers, service providers, and chip manufacturers) are represented in this SC. Working Groups (WGs) on Technology, Marketing, Network Integration, and Profiles form the infrastructure for additional technical development and efficient propagation of the IO-Link technology.

In addition, IO-Link is integrated within PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) by way of a committee and is thus also represented in the PI Advisory Board.

By: Weber