Interoperability assured
Degree of automation of the PROFINET tester increased

To ensure interoperability in automation systems, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) has established the certification of communication interfaces. A test system was developed for testing the PROFINET interfaces in the accredited PI Test Labs. This test system is available to all members free of charge. A revised version of the PROFINET tester with the first fully automated test cases is now being made available for the Hanover Fair. As a result of this automated test run, the system creates test records and evaluates them automatically. 

These test records are the basis for the test reports issued by the accredited PI Test Labs and also the basis for issuance of certificates for PROFINET devices. The implemented automation makes the test much more efficient, for one thing, and reduces the risk of errors during the test, for another thing. The interoperability of products benefits from this. However, device manufacturers can also use the PROFINET tester to check the intermediate results of development, create their own test scenarios, and prepare for certification. 

During the course of the project, the test and test case specifications were also revised. The defined test cases are oriented to real-world conditions and reflect industrial requirements. 

The automated certification test for PROFINET will be continually optimized in the future as well and the test depth increased by adding new test cases. Also, further test tools, e.g. the GSD Checker, are continuously further developed. PI provides device manufacturers with a Test Bundle encompassing all tools and documents. The interoperability of the increasing number of PROFINET devices is safeguarded by the continually expanded certification.

By: Ketterer