International PROFIBUS Conferences in England and South Africa

Karlsruhe ? 19 April 2004:

PROFIBUS International (PI) responds to the high demand for information about all topics surrounding PROFIBUS and PROFINET with a large number of worldwide seminars and events. Three events are at the center of the activities: two conferences in England and South Africa and a large road show in China.

Under the title ?PROFIBUS Technology Tomorrow,? the PROFIBUS User Organisation Southern Africa invites everyone to a conference in Johannesburg on May 24 and 25, 2004. International technical experts present the current status and trend of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Different users from South Africa report on their working experience with PROFIBUS. A product show by manufacturers from South Africa and demonstrations of a live model complete the event (

In Warwickshire, home of William Shakespeare, the PROFIBUS Group holds the ?PROFIBUS Conference 2004? on June 22 and 23, 2004. The lectures are held in three parallel program blocks and are given by experts from England, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States. The conference is accompanied by an exhibition with live demos which can be visited at any time during the conference (

In August and September 2004, the ?Chinese PROFIBUS User Organisation,? together with PROFIBUS International, organizes a large-scale road show in Beijing, Shanghai, Shengyang, Kunming and Urumuqi. During each of the two-day events, the topics PROFIBUS in production and process automation, safety applications (PROFIsafe) and PROFINET are presented in lectures and multi-vendor demonstrations. Its objective is to expand the outstanding position of PROFIBUS on the Chinese market and take the first steps towards PROFINET.

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