Industrial communication – easier than ever before

A new multivendor wall and several new live models will be featured at the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) booth at SPS/IPC/Drives 2013 (Hall 6, Booth 210). The multivendor and live presentations will encompass a broad product portfolio that covers the complete spectrum of PI technologies and presents their benefits impressively.

A new 11-m long multivendor demo will provide an overview of the large selection of PROFINET devices available. Various manufacturers will exhibit new products, as well as established and proven products, in the following classes: Controller, Device, Drive, Safety, Technology Support, Network Components, and Gateways. Users will be able to select from a large product portfolio to create the optimum combination of interoperable devices in their networks.

Another presentation involving products from different manufacturers will demonstrate that PROFINET is more than just a fast communication medium. This presentation will use practical examples to illustrate how Diagnostics, Energy Management, and Safety support easier and faster commissioning and more efficient operation of plants and machines.

The range and performance of PROFINET in drive technology will be demonstrated by several live models. The possibilities for implementing the PROFIdrive profile based on a community source code will also be shown. The community source code has recently been expanded to include the PROFIdrive application class 4 for PROFINET IRT as well as for PROFINET Controller. As a result, not only drives but also controllers can be implemented with PROFIdrive functionality using open source code.

Visitors to the PROFIBUS multivendor demo can see for themselves how extremely easy it is to replace devices in process systems during operation. The devices from all manufacturers work together in one system on this demo wall. The device management enables each device to be accessed from a central location. Comprehensive diagnostic functions enable predictive and preventive maintenance. A new FDI live demo will demonstrate to visitors how, in the future, devices will be integrated in process automation in the engineering phase.  

Because IO-Link has been successfully elevated to an IEC standard, the technology presented in Nuremberg comprises an unprecedented number of devices. IO-Link will have record participation with approximately 130 devices from 27 manufacturers. Included are 30 completely new products, which will offer users an even greater selection relative to the existing IO-Link product range and enable users to take even greater advantage of the benefits of this technology.

By: Weber