HART, FF, and PROFIBUS Organizations Launch Wireless Cooperation Team

HART, FF, and PROFIBUS Organizations Launch Wireless Cooperation Team

Fieldbus Foundation, HART® Communication Foundation and Profibus Nutzerorganisation have agreed to collaborate on the implementation of wireless technology.



Karlsruhe, Germany, September 27, 2007 ? Three leading organizations dedicated to control network technology, the Fieldbus Foundation (FF), HART Communication Foundation and Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO), have formed a Wireless Cooperation Team to begin an unprecedented project to collaborate on wireless technology in the manufacturing and process industries. The new project is an extension of the organization?s successful collaboration on Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and another step to deliver consistent functionality to end users.


The introduction of wireless technology into the manufacturing and process industries will require suppliers, end users, and international standards bodies to address technical issues related to wireless applications. FF, HART, and PNO are working together in the interest of establishing a common, open standard. The intent of the collaboration is to facilitate the acceptance of wireless technology.


The three organizations have agreed to develop a specification for a common interface to a wireless gateway. The organizations have also agreed to base their work on the WirelessHART? technology of the HART Communication Foundation and the emerging ISA SP 100.11a standard. The project shall develop use cases, requirements and specifications for wireless communication with intelligent field devices in process measurement and control applications in the Automation Industries. The goal of the cooperative project shall be to create a common specification while insuring complete compatibility with the existing wired versions of each participant?s technology.


As was done with their EDDL cooperation, the three organizations have also agreed to develop a common set of compliance guidelines for incorporation into their respective product registration processes.



About the Organizations


The HART Communication Foundation ( is an international, not-for-profit, membership organization supported by more than 200 companies worldwide. Founded in 1993, the Foundation is the technology owner and central authority on the HART Protocol and provides global support for application of the HART technology. The Foundation manages and controls the HART standards including new technology developments and enhancements that benefit and support the needs of the industry. HART is the leading communication technology for smart process instruments with more than 24 million devices installed worldwide.


The Fieldbus Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of over 350 leading process and manufacturing automation companies worldwide whose major purpose is to provide an open and neutral environment for the development of a single, international, interoperable fieldbus. In this environment, end users, manufacturers, universities and research organizations are working together to develop the technology, provide development tools, support and training, coordinate field trials and demonstrations, and enable product interoperability. Visit their web site at


The Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO) was founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization. The PNO is owner of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology and responsible for further developments ( PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is an international umbrella organization offering regional support for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. With 25 regional organizations all over the world, 1400 member companies and about 2500 different products, PI is currently the world?s largest interest group for industrial communication covering all key markets of industrial automation like factory automation, process automation, motion control and safety related applications. In total, more than 20 millions PROFIBUS products are currently installed worldwide.

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