Great Success: First PROFINET Developers`Workshop in UK
PROFINET Workshop will result in new products from UK manufacturers
United Kingdom

UK´s interest in PROFINET continues to grow as clearly evidenced by the attendance of 23 delegates at the 2nd July PROFINET Developers’ Workshop, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University in its role of the UK’s PI Competence Centre.

Entitled The Easy Way to PROFINET,  the workshop was presented by world expert Joerg Bullerschen (see figure), System Architect and Senior Key Expert for software development at ComDec in Germany. Over the course of the day, Joerg explained how to develop products and systems for the rapidly growing PROFINET market, covering in detail the development kit, the software user interface and configuration of field devices.
The audience were highly appreciative of the event, which is expected to lead to the appearance on the market of a number of new PROFINET products from UK manufacturers.

“Thank you very much to the PROFIBUS UK Group for organising this workshop, I found it a very useful and informative day”, commented Mark Norman of Fairford Electronics.

The PROFIBUS Group presented the Workshop at MMU in association with PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO). It was intended for developers of field devices with a PROFINET interface and covered the PROFINET basics (neighborhood detection, fast start up, redundancy…), unsynchronized and synchronized communication as well as performance upgrade.

“I particularly enjoyed the discussions and questions. Joerg’s knowledge as a developer for PROFINET is perfectly prepared him to answer a wide range of questions in depth” said Dr Xiu Ji, Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering at MMU. “From talking to some of the audience, I understand that they all have some development task at hand. They want to implement PROFINET into their product, which is very encouraging. “

By: sg