First training centers for PROFIBUS and PROFINET are accredited

First training centers for PROFIBUS and PROFINET are accredited

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has set up accredited training centers similar to the PI competence centers and test labs. This will ensure a high standard of training which is globally harmonized. PI Training Centers (PITC) offer a number of certificate-accredited courses at the end of which a final examination is held. Both the content of PITC training documentation and examination questions, as well as the equipment used in the context of training, have to meet standard requirements. Candidates who pass the final examination receive a certificate.


The quality of training is determined to a large extent by the specialist expertise of the trainers who provide it. Only trainers accredited by PI may run courses leading to the issuing of an official certificate. Furthermore, trainers are only permitted to lead courses for which they themselves have been accredited. Five certificate-accredited courses are offered: Certified PROFIBUS Installer, Certified PROFIBUS Engineer, Certified PA Engineer, Certified PROFINET Installer, and Certified PROFINET Engineer.


A Quality of Service Agreement specified by PI sets out binding requirements for PITC in respect of collaboration with a PI Competence Center. This provides participants with an assurance of a high level of practical orientation in respect of course content.


The PI currently has nine accredited PITC in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, the Czech Republic, and the USA. All over the world, companies can rely on high-quality training and extensive technical know-how. They also have an assurance that a candidate who completes a course successfully will have gained significant practical skills.

By: Weber