First PROFINET controller with ASIC for IRT available

PROFINET is the world's most commonly used Ethernet-based communication standard in automation. Many members of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) offer a wide range of basic technologies for implementation and integration of PROFINET in products. With the only ASIC-based solution for a PROFINET controller with IRT functionality on the market at this time, Hilscher has closed the last remaining gap.

The IRT channel of PROFINET provides synchronized, deterministic communication between the controller and connected devices at a high data rate and high accuracy. The field of application of IRT includes, in particular, high-performance motion control applications, such as for coordination of hundreds of axes with accuracy to the microsecond. The IRT frames are transferred in an isochronous cyclic sequence in reserved time windows. The remaining cycle time can be used for standard TCP/IP communication.

The PROFINET controller with IRT functionality is based on the netX family of Hilscher. The available solution includes configuration software ( in addition to the appropriate stack and ready-to-run firmware.

Through the netX platform, the IRT functionality is not only accessible for implementations with the ASIC, it is also provided in products already on the market such as PC cards, OEM modules, and customized modules. As a result, practically any (industrial) PC is able to speak IRT and control time-critical applications.

By: Weber