FDI Specification completed – optimal support of PROFIBUS devices

The FDI Cooperation has presented the FDI Specification and FDI Developer Tools to the public at the NAMUR General Meeting. As a result of this, members of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) will have broad access to this innovative integration technology.

Up to now, PROFIBUS devices have been integrated into host and asset management systems using EDD or DTM. With FDI, a standard approach is now available that allows device manufacturers to support all leading host systems with a single technology. The FDI Specification is available for download from the website of FDI Cooperation LLC at

The preliminary version of the cross-protocol development environment (Integrated Development Environment, IDE) will enable device manufacturers to create FDI packages for their PROFIBUS devices. At the same time, this development tool also provides for a simple and reliable conversion of existing EDD files. An FDI reference host system in the integrated development environment system gives developers a platform for extensive testing of FDI device packages, thus also ensuring product quality. Because the FDI reference host system is also used when certifying FDI device packages, manufacturers of PROFIBUS devices can ensure conformity with the FDI Standard at an early stage.

Experts of PI have actively supported the standardization and development work within FDI Cooperation LLC and made important contributions. In this way, it was ensured that the requirements of PI member companies were included in the development of FDI. Work can now begin on optimal implementation of FDI in products.

By: Weber