Expanded Diagnostics Options with PROFIBUS PA

Karlsruhe ? 19 April 2004:

PROFIBUS International in coordination with NAMUR is working on expanding the diagnostics options for devices in process automation. For this purpose, the PROFIBUS PA profile is expanded in a compatible manner.

The goal is to reduce the current approximately 200 defined status codes, which are cyclically transmitted with the measured value, to the statuses ?Loss,? ?Service demand? and ?Function Control? as defined in the NAMUR document NA 64. In addition, the statuses ?Out of order,? ?Simulation? and a prioritization of the maintenance requirements (demand, requirement, alarm) are defined.

The benefit to the system operator lies in a clear separation of process perspective and maintenance perspective. As far as the interests of the ?process operator? are concerned, the process value continues to be identified with GOOD, UNSAFE, BAD. Additionally, it receives the information ?Out of order,? ?Local operation/function control,? and ?Active simulation.? For the maintenance view, the statuses ?No maintenance,? ?Maintenance need,? and ?Maintenance requirement,? and the information ?Out of order,? ?Local operation/function control,? and ?Active simulation? become visible. This reduces the message flood in the management system and concentrates it on only nine different statuses according to the appropriate personnel (process operator or service operator).

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