Everything you need to know about PROFIBUS

PROFIBUS is relevant like never before. Its range of application continues to increase. Thus, the demand for information continues to be high. The new “Basic Slide Set” is a valuable information source for anyone that wants to know or learn more about the latest technology, new features, use, and handling of PROFIBUS. It examines these topics in detail in a well-organized and easy-to-read format.


In addition, the slide set explains the current theme of life cycle management as well as fail-safe operation with PROFIsafe and the field level with PROFIBUS PA. The reader learns how the well-proven technology distinguishes itself through impressive device management functionality. At the same, PROFIBUS makes it easier than ever to work with fieldbus technology.


The new Basic Slide Set is suitable both for your own personal information and for making presentations. It is available for free on the PI website in German and English:


By: Weber