Easy task for device manufacturers

It is common practice for products of different manufacturers to be integrated in industrial automation systems. This is supported by open communication standards such as PROFINET and guaranteed by the associated device certification. With each new version of the PROFINET specification, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) also promptly updates the certification tools and processes. In this way, the quality of the products available on the market meets a high standard with regard to the PROFINET interface as well from the outset. The certification for PROFINET V2.3 has been available for approximately half a year.

In the meantime, major suppliers of PROFINET basic technology have completed their development activities and proven conformity of their development tools with the PROFINET V2.3 interface functions in a successfully completed certification. Among these are products made by Innovasic, Hilscher, and Siemens. Solutions of other providers are currently undergoing the certification process.

The sequence for implementation in products starts with the development of basic technology. This is also the case, in particular, for communication interfaces of products. For PROFINET, device manufacturers can access a large selection of possible basic technology suppliers covering a wide range of products for integration of comprehensive PROFINET functions. This ranges from FW solutions on a standard Ethernet controller to FPGAs and even specialized PROFINET ASICs. For device manufacturers that use basic technologies with PROFINET certificate, it is an easy task to bring products to the market with a high-quality PROFINET interface right from the start.

By: Weber