Conformance Class B certification available

Conformance Class B certification available

For PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) certification is a proven measure in respect of quality since it ensures interoperability in automation systems. Certification of PROFINET devices in accordance with Conformance Class B, which is now available, has been a further step forward for the PI quality system.


In order for PROFINET devices of various types and from various manufacturers to carry out tasks in the process of automation properly, they have to exchange information in the network accurately. This requires implementation of the communications protocol in conformity with norms. The mandatory certification for all PROFINET devices by accredited test laboratories ensures that the devices comply with the norms, thus guaranteeing interoperability in automation systems. The use of standard automated test systems guarantees that tests of the same quality are carried out in test laboratories worldwide.


For a year now, certification of PROFINET devices in accordance with Conformance Class A has been available. Numerous devices have now passed the tests and been certified. The PROFINET test experts of the Technical Committee 1 "Test and Certification" have in the meantime continued with their intensive work and have fulfilled requirements for the certification of devices in accordance with Conformance Class B by drawing up a test specification and test cases.


PI has classified the scope of functions of PROFINET IO into conformance classes, since not all of the functions are required for each individual automation system. This facilitates the use of PROFINET IO. The conformance classes enable systems operators to easily select the field devices and bus components they require according to respectively defined features and available services. This is an important step towards ensuring interoperability for all the field devices involved in the communication process.

By: Weber