Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course now available at customer site

The 3½-day Certified PROFIBUS Engineer?s Course is for people who already have a basic technical knowledge of PROFIBUS or other fieldbus systems. This hands-on course covers the detailed theory of PROFIBUS DP network operation. It teaches first-hand how to design, install and troubleshoot PROFIBUS DP networks, how to use diagnostic tools to detect faults and identify their causes.

The Course was developed in the USA by the PROFIBUS Interface Centre (PIC) in conjunction with the PROFIBUS Trade Organisation (PTO). Those who pass the written examination and practical test on the last day of the course will gain a valuable and widely recognised certificate as to their competence to install and trouble-shoot PROFIBUS networks. Graduates of the course will also have the right to have their name listed in the Certified Profibus Engineer section of the Profibus web site at and be given password access to their own special section of the site.


What will I learn on the course?

This is an in-depth course that teaches the details of what goes on in a PROFIBUS network. You will learn how to design and install a PROFIBUS network to give reliable operation and avoid common pitfalls. You will learn how to check out networks and quickly locate faults. You will learn about the messages that pass between PROFIBUS devices, how the network is configured and started up, how the network deals with conflicts and other errors. You will learn how to use an analyser to capture PROFIBUS telegrams and how to interpret the data. You will see first hand the effects of failed devices, wiring faults, configuration errors etc.

What doesn't the course cover?

This is a course for engineers and technicians who will design and install PROFIBUS systems; the course does not cover how to design a PROFIBUS instrument or device. You will spend a little time looking at PROFIBUS PA systems but PA systems are not covered in detail. PROFIBUS DPV2 extensions are not covered. Current PROFIBUS developments (PROFInet, PROFIdrive etc.) again, are not covered in detail.

What equipment will I use?

Delegates on the course work in pairs, each with their own PC running a PROFIBUS DP master and high-speed PROFIBUS telegram analyser. In addition each pair will have a dedicated rack of PROFIBUS DP slaves. You will also use cable preparation and network connection tools and hand-held bus test tools.

What happens if I fail the test?

Because this certification is recognised worldwide as a mark of quality training, the course tests are not trivial. However, the instructors will provide you with all the information and practice that you need to pass the written examination. The test is 'open-book' which means that you can refer to all the notes freely during the test. You will also get plenty of hands-on practice with the analyser and other tools to help you through the practical test. A small percentage of delegates will unfortunately fail to achieve a pass grade, however the PCC will provide the opportunity to take a retest at a later date, free of charge.

Prerequisites for attending the course are:

* Industrial automation background (PLC programming and/or experience with fieldbus systems)
* Familiarity with basic communication terms and features
* An understanding of RS 485, repeaters, addressing, etc...

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