Certification of PROFINET IO

Hannover, 11 April 2005:

The ?PROFINET IO? working group of the PROFIBUS International (PI) completed a new version of the PROFINET IO specification end of March 2005. This version contains in addition to the real-time solution RT also the isochronous real-time solution IRT which allows for the use of PROFINET IO for motion control applications. This specification is also the basis for the certification of PROFINET IO devices.

To ensure that PROFINET products have the required quality from the start, manufacturers are obliged to obtain certification. PROFIBUS International established a certification system for PROFINET that builds on the proven high quality standard of PROFIBUS and demands and ensures the highest level of quality worldwide.

With respect to PROFINET IO devices, the tests of accredited test labs concentrate primarily on:

  • correct implementation of defined state machines,
  • diagnostics/alarm processing,
  • time-controlled transfer of I/O data and acyclical data exchange,
  • correct implementation of the real-time concept,
  • correct address assignment, and
  • forcing fault scenarios.

With the completion of test scenarios for verifying the PROFINET IO functions, the testing activities in the test labs begin in April 2005. The test system for PROFINET IO is automated significantly higher than it was customary in the past. This allows for a similar test duration despite significantly increased functionality compared to PROFIBUS.

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