Certification for PA Profile V3.02 available

The development of PROFIBUS PA Profile V3.02 by PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has been unanimously welcomed by users in the process industry. Effective immediately, certification is available for this profile version for ensuring product quality. PI views this quality measure as very important, since error-free communication between devices of different manufacturers is only ensured when products are certified.

The test cases required for testing the new profile V3.02 features have been created and have already been implemented in the test systems of PI Test Laboratories.

The PA Profile V3.02 meets user requests for suitable version management of devices, device files, and software platforms, in order to minimize maintenance expenses for device integration over the life cycle of production equipment, as well as user requests for device replacement during operation. Thus, it establishes the foundation for an easy device integration procedure and makes it easier for users of 4-20 mA technology to upgrade to the many possibilities of digital fieldbus technology.

By: Mayer