Catching the Process Fieldbus
New book explains the exciting world of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

New book explains the exciting world of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Especially for beginners, the world of industrial communication seems to be an intricate, multidimensional, and confusing mix of fieldbuses, software packages, and media. The new book by James Powell and Henry Vandelinde is designed to help. For that the authors extend a humorous invitation to the reader to join them on their 'bus ride' to discover the exiting world or PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Beginners are expressly invited to come along.

In their book 'Catching the Process Fieldbus', the authors explain the basics of PROFIBUS and PROFINET to their readers. In doing so, they would like to establish a basis for communication design in which those who are curious find information and those who are in the know find motivation to delve deeper. Readers learn more about bus operation, protocol details, physical layers and networks, network design basics, and tips and tricks on installation, commissioning, maintenance, plant asset management, and troubleshooting. All contents are tailored to beginners, and many terms are explained in detail once again.

Numerous illustrations and experiences of the authors from everyday use round out the book. The 2nd edition is now available and includes updated technical information and new information on diagnostic capabilities. In addition, proven strategies and procedures from years of field experience have been incorporated. Finally, the sections on PROFINET have been significantly expanded to include valuable experiences gained with this technology over the past five years.

The book is available in English and German and can be ordered from the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) Support Center. Price: 18 € for members, 36 € for non-members.

By: Weber