Black on White: "The Rapid Way to PROFINET"

Nuremberg ? November 23, 2004:

PROFIBUS International (PI) has published "The Rapid Way to PROFINET", the first technical reference book for Ethernet-based communication with PROFINET. The authors are Manfred Popp and Dr. Karl Weber from PROFINET Competence Center ComDeC (Nuremberg, Germany).

The Rapid Way addresses the complete PROFINET knowledge base, including installation technology, real-time communication, network management and functions for web integration. In order to optimally support different applications, PROFINET offers two options: PROFINET IO for integrating decentralized peripherals and PROFINET CBA for creating modular systems for distributed automation. The proxy concept with PROFINET makes seamless integration of fieldbus systems possible. Systems can easily be extended ensuring that investments are protected. With this concept, PROFINET describes a comprehensive standard that meets all the requirements for using Ethernet in industrial automation - from communication on the controller level to standard automation for IO systems to efficient motion control applications.

Like the "The Rapid Way to PROFIBUS", the authors of "The Rapid Way to PROFINET" Manfred Popp and Dr. Karl Weber also want to appeal to the development departments of field device manufacturers, as well as technically-oriented users and manufacturers. Such industry specialists can use the book to construct comprehensive expert knowledge about PROFINET without having to study the relevant standards. The content of the book focuses on the essential information target groups need to perform their work. In most cases, the Rapid Way contains the information needed.

"The Rapid Way to PROFINET" contributes significantly to companies that develop PROFINET products or who want to implement PROFINET and thus support the rapid propagation of PROFINET.

The Rapid Way to PROFIENT is available from PROFIBUS International in both German and English. The price for members of a PROFIBUS organization is ? 24.00, for non-members ? 48.00.

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