Amazing Celebration and New Name for Consorzio PROFIBUS Network Italia (PNI)

Consorzio PNI just celebrated his 20th anniversary. Many people contributing to this important goal participated in the birthday party on June 12.

The Event, taking place in a breathtaking location in the Bergamo country, started with an extraordinary Member´s Assembly of Consorzio PNI’s members, who voted for the prolongation of the Association for the next 20 years and decided to change the name of the association from Consorzio PROFIBUS Network Italia (Consorzio PNI) to “PROFIBUS & PROFINET Italia – P.I.”.

A really important change due to the fact that since the founding in 1994 many other protocols have been realized: PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET with the profiles PROFIenergy, PROFIdrive and PROFIsafe.

Therefore it is time for a new era of the association, that is going to pursue its objectives of promotion and diffusion of the two technologies PROFIBUS and PROFINET further on by working with a philosophy of continuous improvement and growth. “PROFIBUS e PROFINET Italia” doesn’t want to forget the team spirit that was characterizing the association for all the years and that make the consortium become the famous and important organization that it is today (from 10 companies at its foundation to 50 members now!).

Highlight of the evening event were the celebration speeches of the PI Chairman Karsten Schneider and the Italian Chairman Antonio Augelli. They expressed their satisfaction for the achieved results and confirmed the future commitment of the consortium for the protocols’ market penetration.
“The commitment of the association to the PROFIBUS and PROFINET’s users is to keep on offering the competence and experience of its experts in order to give to engineers and installers innovative technologies to optimize the production lines of their companies” confirmed the President Antonio Augelli. “The reason of the name changing is born from the need to have an explicit reference to both technologies that “PROFIBUS e PROFINET Italia” will keep on promoting for the next 20 years” Augelli concluded.

By: sg