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Product name: GigaPLUG
  contactless plug
Product types: Network Components - Cables/Connectors
Technology & Profiles: PROFINET, IO-Link
Certification number:
Schleifring und Apparatebau GmbH
Am Hardtanger 10
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Daniel Schmalz
+49 8141 403 0
Product illustration
Product description:

GigaPLUG is a contactless plug which supports the transmission of Profinet and other common Ethernet based protocols.


- Profinet

- EtherCAT

- 100Base Ethernet

- 1000Base Ethernet

- Powerlink


The technology is based on a capacitive contactless transmission, which is used for many years in a lot of rotating systems of Schleifring. The GigaPLUG instead transmit the data in a stationary system.


Due to the shock- and vibration resistance a reliable full-duplex transmission can be make sure even in environmentally unfriendly conditions (IP66).


The contactless transmission generates a mechanical wear-free system, in which you can achieve unlimited plug-in cycles of connector operations.


Outer diameter:                40 mm

Length:                            100 mm

Protection class:                IP66

Max. Gap between plugs:   4 mm

Interface:                         100BaseT / 1000BaseT : M12

Bit error rate:                    < 10-12


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