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Train Profile for PROFINET IO
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Trains and vehicles are using digital communication systems for the communication inside the vehicles and between the vehicles within a train. This means that almost all devices within a train are connected to the communication systems.
There are two main communication systems. The vehicle bus connects the devices (or ‘sub-systems’) within a vehicle or set of vehicles and the train bus connects the vehicles via gateways. In the scope of the PROFINET IO profile the train uses the so called WTB (Wire Train Bus) and the vehicle uses the PROFINET IO field bus. Examples of devices and sub-systems of the vehicle are brakes, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), traction control or doors. The gateway to WTB is covered by the profile of the related gateway device.
Interoperability between sub-systems within a vehicle and in the train needs additional specification above the communication services and protocols. These functions of all system components including the syntax and semantic of the information which have to be communicated between these PROFINET IO device types are in the scope of the PROFINET IO train profile.

The PROFINET IO Train profile development is based on a set of definitions and rules which are specified in the following documents:
• Train Profile Development guideline (General profile development process with references to the other documents)
• Train Profile Standard Elements (Data types, Identification information, Diagnosis information, communication objects)
• Train Profile UML profile (UML language subset and constraints)
• Train Profile UML project Templates (UML project for train profile development)

Train Profile Development Guideline


This Train Profile Development Guideline document is the guideline how to specify train profiles on top of PROFINET IO. It describes the step-vice approach and the means for each step based on requirement and UML specification technology and languages.

Version: 1.1
Order No.: 7.052
Language: English

Train Profile Standard Elements


This Train Profile Standard Element document is the collection of mandatory and optional specification elements for the train profiles. It consists
• Data types, which are valid in the scope of the train profiles
• Communication objects which shall be used for data communication between the de-vices and sub-systems
• Identification information in terms of the mandatory PROFINET Identification and Maintenance Functions (I&M Function)
• Standard diagnosis information
• Rules for mapping of UML to GSD elements

Version: 1.1
Order No.: 7.062
Language: English


Train Profile Development Guideline for WTB Gateway

This WTB Gateway profile is the collection of mandatory and optional specification elements for Gateways between WTB and PROFINET IO. It consists
• Mapping of WTB telegram elements to PNIO data telegrams
• Module and sub-module definitions and allocation of PNIO data telegrams to sub-modules
• GSD for WTB Gateway (example of Sibas PN WTB Link as Annex A)

Version: 1.0
Order No.: 7.152
Language: English

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