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Profile Guidelines Part 1: Identification & Maintenance Functions
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I&M functions provide a well-established set of data for identification of PROFIBUS slave devices and PROFINET IO devices.

The main purpose of I&M functions is to identify a device with its modules/submodules and provide additional information to support the end user during various scenarios of a device's life cycle, for example maintenance, configuration, commissioning, parameterization, diagnosis, repair, firmware update, asset management, audit trailing, and alike. Well-defined uniform parameters and rules should enable the manufacturers to offer devices that behave in a uniform manner and should enable the end user to act quick and straight.

Since some years I&M functions are specified in IEC 61158-6-3 (PROFIBUS) and
IEC 61158-6-10 (PROFINET).

Therefore Version 2.1 is focusing especially on how to implement and how to use I&M functions.




Version 2.1
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