Certified People

PI, in cooperation with the Regional PI Associations and the PITCs, provides formalized training courses for persons seeking to become certified engineers or installers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.

The courses are held regularly throughout the year in many locations around the world. Please see here for a list of upcoming courses.

Certified Engineers or Installers can utilize the "Certified-logo" to confirm their status. Their names are also listed on this web site so that end users seeking support for their PROFIBUS or PROFINET networks can easily find a suitably qualified candidate. Using certified staff ensures that work is performed to the highest standards and by qualified personnel who are fully briefed in the latest techniques.

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Eades, Terry Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Earl, Clayton BMA Coal - Australia CI CE
Earnshaw, John Metso Paper Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Eason, John FMA Process Engineers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
East, Gary Linton Electrical Contractors (Kent) Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Eaton, Jacho Oregon Youth Authority - United States CE
Eaton, Paul Alstec Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Ebner, Werner E+H Solutions AG - Switzerland CE
Eccles, Dave Unilever UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Eccles, Mark KMI Plus - United Kingdom CI CE
Echeverría Cid, Leonel Paneles Arauco - Chile CE
Eckhart, Ross Cargill CP
Eckhof, Dieter Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Würzburg - Germany CI
Eckstine, Karl National Oilwell Varco - United States CE
EDEL, Raymond LANXESS - France CI
Edelmann, Matthias Zott GmbH & Co. KG - Germany CI
Eden, Ralph South West Water Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Edgar, David Rio Tinto - Australia CI
Edgell, Bradley National Oilwell Varco CI
Edgley, Paul BAESystems Submarine Solutions CE
Edke, Anand Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Edkins, Kenneth Black and Veatch - United Kingdom CI CE
Edmonds, Thomas Rotork Controls - United Kingdom CI
Edmondson, Glenn Cranfield Precision - United Kingdom CI CI CE
Edson, Chris Siemens Manchester CE
Edson, Christopher Siemens - United Kingdom CI
Edward, Richard Westbury Dairies - United Kingdom CI
Edwards, Andrew Molkerei Alois Muller GMBH, Muller Dairy UK - United Kingdom CI CE
Edwards, Carl South East Water - United Kingdom CI
Edwards, Chris Varco UK CE
Edwards, Christopher AstraZeneca PLC - United Kingdom CI
Edwards, Darren Oasis Engineering Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Edwards, Duane Phoenix contact - United States CE
Edwards, Gwyn Mott MacDonald Bentley - United Kingdom CI CD
Edwards, Jason Ocado Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Edwards, Richard Westbury Dairies - United Kingdom CI CE
Edwards, Stephen Rolls Royce - United Kingdom CI CE
Eenkhoorn, Alfred AWL-Techniek - Netherlands CE
Egerer, Bernd PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Egger, Hans Marposs AG - Switzerland CE
Eggers, Jan Alstom Schweiz AG - Switzerland CE
Egloff, Dominique Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CI CE
Egmond, Mark van ATS Applied Tech Systems B.V. - Netherlands CE
Ehlert, Gunther BOORST Engineering - Germany CI CE CP CE
Ehrhart, Jens BASF SE - Germany CE
Ehrler, Thomas Schuler Pressen GmbH - Germany CE
Eiber, Bernhard Roboter-Anlagen-Technik GmbH - Austria CE
Eichberger, Roman TGW Systems Integration GmbH - Austria CI
Eichinger, Josh Luminant - United States CE CP
Eide, Jon Endress + Hauser Inc. - United States CE
Eidmann, Axel Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CI CE CP CE
Eifert, Erik Danfoss Antriebs- und Regeltechnik - Germany CE
Eiselt, Frank E+H Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CE
Eisenhauer, Frank Gehring Technologies GmbH - Germany CI
Eiserman, Ben Philip Morris - Germany CI
Eke, Didier SC CA E+H - Canada CE
Ekert, Jürgen E+H Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CE
Ekkel, W.G.D. Emmtec Services CE
Ekkelboom, J. Endress+Hauser B.V. - Netherlands CE
Ekwevugbe, Tobore Adsyst Automation Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
El Ghazzar, Gharib Port Autonome de Marseille - France CI
El Hamani, Karim Icer - France CI
El Kaderi, Ahmad Leeds - Lebanon CE
El Mordi, Mehdi VERGNET - France CI
el Yousfi, F. BASF Nederland B.V. - Netherlands CI
El-Chlouk, Salah ITEC - Lebanon CE
El-Khayat, Hassam Ahmed United Sugar CI
El-Sayed, Hassan Hawke Internatinal Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Elbaz, Eli Tara Milco - Israel CI CE
Elcock, Helen MEV Ltd CE
Eldridge, Christopher Siemens - United States CE
Elford, John KMI Plus - United Kingdom CI CE
Elias, John Prism Systems - United States CE
Eling, R.W. Croon Elektrotechniek - Netherlands CI
Elkerton, Paul MCS Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Elkerton, Paul PKE ICS - United Kingdom CI CE
Ellam, Stephen Ellasys Ltd CI
Ellenberg, Mario Heldele GmbH - Germany CE
Ellens, A. Emerson Process Management CE
Ellerman, D.C.B. GTI Energy & Infra B.V. - Netherlands CE
Ellinger, Mike Siemens Dematic CE
Ellingson, Martin Water Corporation - Australia CI CE
Elliott, David Thames Water Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Ellis, Callum British Gypsum - United Kingdom CI
Ellis, Clive CRE Electrical - Australia CI
Ellis, Pat The Automated Technology Group - United Kingdom CI
Ellis, Philip Johnson Matthey - United Kingdom CI CE
Ellis, Russell Masterfoods - United Kingdom CI CE
Ellis, Trevor KCA Deutag - United Kingdom CI CE
Ellis, Troy Sandfire Resources - Australia CI CE
Ellison, Keith MWH UK Limited - United Kingdom CI
Ellison, Michael Cargill UK - United Kingdom CI CE
Elmer, Jason Castlemaine Perkins - Australia CI
Elnaggar, Sherif Siemens Egypt - Egypt CE
Elouri, Mutassem National Oilwell Varco - United States CE
Elsabbagh, Ramy Gulf Extrusion Company CI CE
Elsner, Marc PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Elswick, Tom Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Elward, Craig GE Healthcare - United Kingdom CI CE
Embury, Mark Birse Water Limited - United Kingdom CI CE
Emerson, Marie Siemens - United Kingdom CI CE CI
Emling, Björn ProMinent GmbH - Germany CE
Emmenegger, Marco Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Emmerich, Patric MM Packaging Caesar GmbH - Germany CI
Emmerstorfer, Peter voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH - Austria CI
Emre Arslan, Yunus Siemens - Turkey CE
Enahoro, Sunday MMU - MSc Student - United Kingdom CE CE
Enbrecht, Anatoli Portlandzementwerk Wittekind Hugo Miebach Söhne KG - Germany CE
End, Peter Siemens AG - Germany CE
Endre, Nagy GE Lighting Kft. - Hungary CI
Endrych, Václav SIEMENS s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE
Endter, Marcel Porsche Leipzig GmbH - Germany CI
Eng Beng, Ang Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd - Singapore CI
Eng Ngee, Goh Sembcorp Engineers & Constructors - Singapore CE
Enge, Daniel Siemens CE
Engel, Andreas PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Engelberg, Rainer KIEFEL GmbH - Germany CI
Engelbrecht, Frikkie Minopex CE
England, Alan Integrated Alliance South, Galliford Costain Atkins JV - United Kingdom CI CE
Engler, Lee J. M. Huber Corporation CE
Englert, Andreas Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Englund, Rodney Endress+Hauser - Switzerland CI CE
Engmann, M. RT Systems - Netherlands CE
Engnath, Steffen M+P GmbH - Germany CI
Engrand, Mathieu DEMATIC - France CI
Ennion, Steve Spirax Sarco - Australia CI
Ennis, Mark British Gypsum - United Kingdom CI
Enns, Lyle City of Vernon - Canada CE
Enright, David Kirby - Ireland CE
Enright, Philip ABB CI
Epp, Christian AGCO GmbH - Germany CE
Epperly, Wesley Sperry Marine - United States CE
Epuran, Decebal Cyclone Automation CE
Eranıl, Ali Siemens - Turkey CE
Erasmus, Greg Adsyst (Automation) Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Erasmus, Lourens Tongaat Hullet Starch CI
Erasmus, Nico Australian Paper CI CE
Erbetta, Giancarlo Fives Intralogistics SpA - Italy CE
Erbs, Frank PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH CE
Erdemci, Serhat M+P GmbH - Germany CI
Eren, Emre Ford Werke GmbH - Germany CI CI
Ergović, Ivica Siemens - Croatia CE
Erhorn, Francis Galliford Costain Atkins - United Kingdom CE
Eric, Montgomery Diageo Global Supply CE
Erickson, Clarence Emerson Process Management - United States CE
Erkelens, V. Intertec Resources - Netherlands CE
Erkoc, Muhammet Siemens - Turkey CE
Erlandson, Eric Ford Motor Company - United States CE
Ermer, Johann Schmack Biogas Gmbh - Germany CI
Ernst, Karsten BioConstruct Gesellschaft zur Errichtung von umweltfreundlichen Energieerzeugungsanlagen mbH - Germany CI
ERRAQAOUI, Abdellatif PSA - France CI
Erte, Behzat Siemens - Turkey CE
Eryılmaz, Kamil Siemens - Turkey CE
Escamilla, Aldar Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Eschenbacher, Markus Endress+Hauser - Germany CE CP
Eschler, Jonathan Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Escobar, Leonel MMG - Brazil CI CE CP
Escobar, Yasna Codelco Division Gabriela Mistral - Chile CI
Escobedo, Gilberto Siemens Westinghouse CE
Espina, June Projex Electrical - Canada CE
Espinosa, Luis Siemens Mexico - United States CE
Espinoza Hernández, Hernán FAM - Chile CI
Esposito, Francesco TEA Automazione S.r.l. - Italy CE
Esselbrugge, R.K. Spie TB Zwolle B.V. - Netherlands CE
Estermaier, Konrad Wacker Chemie AG - Germany CE
Estevenon, Vincent EMIN LEYDIER - France CI
Estreich, Alexander MERZ Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH - Germany CI
Etherington, Mark Endress+Hauser Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Ettema, Herman J. ATS Applied Tech Systems B.V. - Netherlands CI CE CI CE
Evanger, Brent Banner Engineering - United States CE
EVANO, Christian PSA - France CI
Evans, Alan ATG - United Kingdom CI CE
Evans, Bernard De Beers - Marine (Pty) Ltd CI
Evans, Colin Dwr Cymru Welsh Water - United Kingdom CI
Evans, Dean Incontrol Limited - United Kingdom CI CI
Evans, Edward Control Techniques Drives Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Evans, Gareth Clarke Energy Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Evans, Martin Rolls-Royce - United Kingdom CI CE
Evans, Neil Rhys MMU MSc Student - United Kingdom CE CE
Evans, Simon J.W & E Morris & Sons - United Kingdom CI CE
Evans, Sion Knauf Insulation Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Evans, Steven British Gas - United Kingdom CI
Eve, Henry Nomenca - United Kingdom CI
Everitt, Richard Field Systems Designs Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Everson, Shaun Tetra Pak - United Kingdom CI
Evertse, H. Hoppenbrouwers Elektrotechniek B.V. - Netherlands CE
Evrard, Bruno ITER Organization - France CE CE
Ewald, Christian Salomon Automation GmbH Dortmund - Germany CI
Ewerling, Marc MOEHWALD GmbH - Germany CI
Ewing, Kenneth Belcome Cables Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Exalto, D. Albemarle Catalyst Company B.V. - Netherlands CE
Exalto, P. WATERNET - Netherlands CE
Eymann, Christoph Energie Wasser Bern - Switzerland CI
Eyre, William United Utilities - United Kingdom CI CE
Eysert, Steven ZF Friedrichshafen AG - Germany CI
Ezio, Malavolta ABB Spa - Italy CE
Ezneti, Naji MMU - United Kingdom CI CE