Certified People

PI, in cooperation with the Regional PI Associations and the PITCs, provides formalized training courses for persons seeking to become certified engineers or installers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.

The courses are held regularly throughout the year in many locations around the world. Please see here for a list of upcoming courses.

Certified Engineers or Installers can utilize the "Certified-logo" to confirm their status. Their names are also listed on this web site so that end users seeking support for their PROFIBUS or PROFINET networks can easily find a suitably qualified candidate. Using certified staff ensures that work is performed to the highest standards and by qualified personnel who are fully briefed in the latest techniques.

Filter the certified people by technology, country, trainingcenter and scope

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CD Certified

Paat, R.G. Instromet B.V. CE
Pace, Mairo BMA Coal - Australia CE
Pace, Mario BMA Coal - Australia CI
Pacheco Junior, Milton Omegatech - Brazil CE
Pacheco Junior, Nilton OMEGATECH - Brazil CI CE
Pachinsky, Andrey Instrumentrics Industrial Control LTD - Israel CI CE CP
Pachlatko, Andreas TGW Systems Integration GmbH - Austria CI
Pachlatko, Thomas TGW Systems Integration GmbH - Austria CI
Paci, Pietro JPE Services Inc. - United States CE
Paciotti, Fabio Biffi Italia srl - Italy CE
Packham, Michael Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE CE
Packota, Chris Cargill - Canada CE CP
Padayachee, Raj GCD Alliance - Australia CI
Padayachee, Yagashen Sasol SynFuels CI
Paddison, Eifryn GE Healthcare - United Kingdom CI CE
Padilla, Jason Hach Company - United States CE
Padilla, Jorge Soc Comercial Microglobal - Chile CI
Padovan, Marco SENSE - Brazil CI CE
Padovan, Marco Pepperl+Fucus Fa Italia Srl - Italy CE
Padusiński, Sławomir Poland CE
Paez, Steven Siemens Ltd. - Australia CI CE
Page, Kenneth Trans Northern Pipelines Inc. - Canada CE
Pagura, Remy Clariant Muttenz - Switzerland CE
Pagán, José Aigües de Barcelona - Spain CI
Paisley, Ashley CEMA - United Kingdom CI CE
Pakulski, Maciej Industrial Technology Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Pal, Harjeender DHL Exel Supply Chain - United Kingdom CI
Pala, Ajay United Group - Australia CI
Palagushkina, Ksenia CARGILL GmbH Werk Mainz - Germany CE
Palatini, Florian Endress+Hauser - Germany CE
Paleogogos, Alexis I. Power Solutions Pty Ltd - Australia - Australia CI
Palfrey, Phil Brampt Systems CE
PalimÄ…ka, Piotr Poland CE
Palin, Andrew Novartis Grimsby Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Palla, Daniel Philip Morris USA CE
Palladino, Joseph Invensys / Foxboro - United States CE
Palmer, Craig MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Palmer, Keith CEMA Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Palmer, Sam Procter & Gamble - United Kingdom CI
Palot, Frédéric SANOFI CHIMIE - France CI
Pals, R.J.W.M. Eltra Engineering CE
Palsgraaf, R.V. IFM Electronic B.V. - Netherlands CE
Paltalidis, Ioannis United Kingdom CI CE
Palu, Louis Electro 80 - Australia CI CE
Palumbo, Maddalena Ciem Spa - Italy CE
Paluncic, Filip IDX - South Africa CE
Pambou, Josué COMILOG - France CI
Panchal, Nikin Endress+Hauser - Canada CE
Pang, Tak-Yim EON - United Kingdom CI
Pannell, Mark Carlsberg UK CI
Pannenbecker, Jochen Schuler Automation GmbH & Co. KG - Germany CE
Papaj, Jan SIEMENS s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE
Pape, Bart Systeme Helmholz Benelux B.V. - Netherlands CE CE
Pape, Mario E.ON Kernkraft GmbH - Germany CE
Paquette, Bob Siemens ElectroCom CE
Paramidani, Massimo Mikron Sa Agno - Italy CE
Pardo R., Christian FAM - Chile CI
Parent, J. Craig BIOX Corporation - Canada CE
Pares, Xavier ARDETEM - SFERE - France CE
Parfitt, John Barden Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Parikh, Bakul Freudenberg Nonwovens CE
Park, Andrew James BAE Systems Submarine Solutions - United Kingdom CI CE
Park, Neil unilever - United Kingdom CI CE
Park, Steven BAE Systems Submarine Solutions - United Kingdom CI CE
Parke, Robert Cole Contracting - Australia CI
Parker, Andrew PICA Services Ltd. - United Kingdom CI CE
Parker, Brandon Black & Veatch CE
Parker, Jayne Siemens Process - United Kingdom CI CE CI CE
Parker, John NGTransco - United Kingdom CI CE
Parker, Lee Boulting Group - United Kingdom CI
Parker, Luke PM Instrumentation - Australia CI
Parker, Michael Northrop Grumman - United States CE
Parkhurst, Rich Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Parkin, Geoff Earth Tech Engineering Limited - United Kingdom CI CE
Parkinson, I. Vanderlande Industries UK - United Kingdom CE
Parks, David Mangan Inc. CE
Parliman, Richard National Oilwell Varco - United States CE
Parmer, Tim Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Parodi, Davide Comau - Italy CE
Parr, David Thames Water Utilities - United Kingdom CI CE
PARRAUD, Eric OMYA - France CI
Parrott, Benjamin Siemens Energy & Automation - United States CE CE
Parrott, Ian Imtech Process Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Parry, Chris KCA Deutag - United Kingdom CI CE
Partington, Gary Electrical Project Installations Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Partington, Graham Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Partridge, Lee United Kingdom CI CE
Partridge, Martin Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE CI CE
Parvaresh, Payam TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH - Germany CE
Pascoal, Ricardo PARKER HANNIFIN - Brazil CE
Pastijn, P.M. CI
Pate, Jenny Centec CE
Patek, Andreas Schuler Pressen GmbH - Germany CE
Patel, Chintan Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Patel, Manish Endress + Hauser Canada - Canada CP
Patel, Pankaj AE Solutions CE
Patel, Sokat Yorkshire Water Services Ltd CI
Paterson, Ewen Wavergold Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Pathak, Saurabh DNR Process Solutions - Singapore CI CE
Patil, Rajesh M. PT Grama Bazita CE
Patino, Miguel Mitsubishi Electric Automation CE
Paton, Andy Westermo Data Communications Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Paton, Gary Avecia Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Patrick, Gavin Farebrother Ltd - United Kingdom CE
Patrini, Giovanni APPLIED ROBOTICS EUROPE S.r.l. - Italy CE
Patsiatzis, Orestis Dematic Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Patte, Monique RIO TINTO - France CI
Patterson, Charles Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Patterson, Scott Trans Northern Pipeline - Canada CP
Patzelt, Sven SCA Packaging Containerboard CI
Paul, S. Tebodin Consultants & Engineers B.V. - Netherlands CE
Paul, Tobias Endress+Hauser - Germany CE
Paul C, Brown Diageo Global Supply - United Kingdom CE
Paulsen, Torsten Siemens Energy & Automation - United States CI CE CP CI CE
Pavel, Dorin Accenture Industrial Software Solutions S.A - Romania CE
Pawar, Sameer Control Techniques - United Kingdom CI CE
Paweł, Płoskoński HORIZON - AUTOMATION Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. - Poland CE
Pawlak, Tomasz CI
Payne, Christopher Siemens Energy & Automation - United States CE
Payne, Gary Aquazone Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Payne, Philip Ball Packaging Europe UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Peace, Clive Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies - United Kingdom CI CE
Peach, Graham Eurotherm Limited CI
Peacock, Brett Innecto Projects CE
Peacock, Brett Jenkins Lane - United Kingdom CI
Peacock, Ken Houle Electric Ltd - Canada CE
Pearce, Brody Moreton Bay Regional Council - United Kingdom CI
Pearce, David Oasis Engineering Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Pearn, Martin Purac - United Kingdom CI CE
Pearson, Adam Gold Coast Water - United Kingdom CI
Pearson, Dan Consultant - United States CE
Pearson, Jonathan Black & Veatch CI CE
Pearson, Stephen London and Scandinavian Metallurgical Company Ltd CE
Pecka, Jaroslav Siemens, s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE
Pedder, Stephen The Empirical Electric Co Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Pedersen, Per Lund ABB A/S - Denmark CE
Pedersen, Robert Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Pedley, Craig South West Water - United Kingdom CI
Pedro, Mario SABMiller - Newlands Brewery CI
Peek, Graeme TURCK, Inc. - United States CE
Peggie, Derek Honeywell Process Solutions - United Kingdom CI CE
Peineke, Marcus PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Peke, Haridas PHOENIX CONTACT (India) Pvt. Ltd. - India CE
Pelhate, Eric Cooper Standard - France CI
Pellerano, Alessio SIEMENS Spa - Italy CE CP
Pelletier, Nicolas PLT networks GmbH - Germany CE
Pellinen, Pekka Konecranes Oy - Finland CE
Pellis, J. ATS - Netherlands CE
Peltola, Samu Konecranes - Finland CE
Pemberton, Rod Rio Tinto - Australia CI
Penchovski, Krassimir Irish Rail - Ireland CD
Pendelton, Brian Pinnacle Solutions - United States CE
Pendleton, Stephen Cargill PLC - United Kingdom CI CE
Penfield, Carl Penfield Electrical Services - United Kingdom CI
Peng Nam, Siah EMERSON - Singapore CE
Pengelly, Steve South West Water Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Penick, Randy Elk Corporation CE
Penkov, Nikolay Lyubomirov Cement Devnya - Bulgaria CI
Penne, R. Dolmen Industrial Projects - Belgium CE
Penner, Brian De Beers - Canada CE
Penner, John Husky Injection Molding Systems CE
Pennings, R.M.P.J.M. Vanderlande Industries - Netherlands CI
Pennington, Ian Ham Baker Controls - United Kingdom CI
Penny, Alexander KCA Deutag - United Kingdom CI CE
Penprase, Lance Nomenca Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Perdikis, John Endress+Hauser Canada - Canada CP
Perdue, Ron Northrop Grumman Corp.?? CE
Pereira, André Endress + Hauser Portugal - Portugal CP
Pereira, David Jose Costa Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE CP
Pereira, Fernando Jorge Gaspar Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CP
Pereira, Genivaldo Martins Brazil CI CE
Pereira, Jomo MMU - MSc Student - United Kingdom CE CE
Pereira, Jos Lesedi Nuclear Services (Pty.) Ltd. - South Africa CE
Pereira, Rafael Bento RISC AUTOMAÇÃO - Brazil CI CE
Pereira, Ricardo Jorge Carvalho Tavares COEM S.A. - Portugal CP
Pereira Guerreiro, Carlos Portucel Soporcel - Portugal CE CP
Perera, Deshan Fortescue Metals Group - Australia CE
Peressini, Kyle Devon Energy CP
Perez, David Electro - Mexico CI CE
Perfect, Jim Celco Controls Ltd. - Canada CE CP
Pergier, Lionel VEGA TECHNIQUE SAS - France CI
Pergler, A. Pergler MultiTech - Netherlands CI
Pericão, Eduardo Filipe Costa Endress+Hauser Portugal - Portugal CP
Perisse, Jean Francois Johnson Controls Industries - France CI
Perkins, Tim John Gordon & Son - United Kingdom CI CE
Perret, Pierre DEIF A/S - France CI CE CE
Perrin, Pascal Automation Services - France CI
Perry, Adam Lapp Group - United Kingdom CI
Perry, Gordon Dairycrest Limited - United Kingdom CI
Perry, John ATG - United Kingdom CI CE
Perry, Tom Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE CE
Perryman, Jake Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Pertica, Vito SUDELETTRA SpA - Italy CI
Pertusi, Marco Fives Intralogistics Spa CE
Perumal, Asaroff Intech Instruments CI
Perälä, Mika Metso - Finland CP
Pessan, Cyril AGILiCOM - France CI CI
Petchey, Robert Jacobs LES Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Peter, Christopher HELIRO GmbH - Germany CI
Peter, Oliver MP GmbH Montage und Prüfsysteme - Germany CI
Peter, Simon Projex Electrical - Canada CE
Peterka, Jaromír FOXON s.r.o. - Czech Republic CI CE CE
Peters, Ben Playfords Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Peters, Benjamin PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH CE
Peters, Chris Logical Innovations CE
Peters, David Unilever UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Peters, Mark Bestech Engineering - United Kingdom CI CE
Peters, Mitchell Kiewit Engineering and Design - United States CE CP
Peters, Udo HMS Industrial Networks GmbH - Germany CE
Petersen, Carl Globalsantafe Corp. - United States CE
Petersen, Christian EWAB Engineering GmbH - Germany CI
Petersen, Martin H. Lundbeck A/S - Denmark CE
Peterson, Derrik Dekalb Co. Water and Sewage CE
Peterson, Jeff Trident Automation, Inc. - United States CE
Peterson, Kent City of Fort Collins - United States CI CE
Petit, Alain Danone - France CI
Petit, Dierk ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH - Germany CE
Petit, Jean Philippe Ahlstrom Brignoud - France CI
Petker, Dimitri PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Petrie, K. Vanderlande Industries UK - United Kingdom CE
Petrouis, Vaidas Iggesund Paperboard Ltd CI
Petrunich, Steve Power Drives, Inc. - United States CE
Petry, Stefan Federal-Mogul Wiesbaden GmbH - Germany CI
Petty, Robert Mercedes Benz USA - United States CE
Pettyfer, Mark Logoplaste UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Petzer, Leonard Business Connenxion - South Africa CI
Peña, Edgardo Codelco Division Gabriela Mistral - Chile CI
Peñafiel Encinas, Alvaro Feproms - Bolivia CI
Pfister, Kevin Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Würzburg - Germany CI
Pfister, Matt Siemens - United States CE
Pfitzner, Karsten DOW Olefinverbund GmbH - Germany CI
Pfäffli, Didier CTE ControlTech Engineering AG - Switzerland CE CE
Phalalo, Gasemotho Ningi Manchester Metropolitan University CI CE
Pham, Vu Water Corportation CE
Phan, Andrew Siemens Australia CE
Phan-Gräbitz, Björn Nordex Energy GmbH - Germany CE
Philippe, Tanguy Sidel Inc. - United States CE
Philipps, Holger Siemens AG - Germany CE
Philipson, Shaun SCA Hygiene Products Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Phillip, Jehrene Ann Industrial Data Xchange cc - South Africa CI CE
Phillips, Bradley Hero Engineering - Australia CI CE
Phillips, Glynn LCA Controls - United Kingdom CI
Phillips, Rupert Partech - United Kingdom CI
Phillips, Scott Electro-Matic Products Inc. CE
Phillips, Scott Thames Water - United Kingdom CI CE
Phillips, Scott Siemens - United States CE
Phipps, Martin Severn Trent Water - WANLIP, - United Kingdom CE
Phiri, Simon Rio Tinto Iron Ore - Australia CE
Piacenza, Gianluca Caroma Dorf - Australia CI
PIAZZA, ALESSANDRO Biamino & Figli - Italy CE
Piazza, Marco Fives Intralogistics Spa CE
Picard, David Arcelormittal Mines Canada - Canada CP
Pichot, Mickael LA POSTE CI
Pichot, Yann SIDEL - United States CE
Pickel, Thorsten Siemens AG - Germany CI CE
Picken, Glenn Siemens Plc - United Kingdom CI CE CI CE
Pickersgill, Gary Denca Controls Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Picolo, Paulo Cesar ASI AUTOMAÇÃO - Brazil CI CE
Picque, Dominique Roquette Frères - France CI
Piechowiak, Pawel Poland CE
Piehringer, Gerald Wacker Chemie AG - Germany CE CP
Pierce, Andrew CIM CE
Pierce, Geoff M-TECH Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Pieterse, Abraham C. Anglo Platinum - UG2 Plant CI
PIETRONI, ROCCO Vanderlande Industries B.V. - Italy CE
Pike, Ben Cranfield Precision - United Kingdom CI CE
Pillay, Santosh Endress+Hauser - South Africa CI CE
Pillay, Thegasen Endress + Hauser CI
Piller, Lars Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Pilzer, Florian Amazon FC Graben GmbH - Germany CI
Pina Felipe, Bruno DLG Automação Industrial - Brazil CI CE
PINCETI, Andrea Pinceti Consulting srl - Italy CE CE
PINCETI, Anna Pinceti Consulting srl - Italy CE CE
Pinch, Matthew Capley Marker - United Kingdom CI CE
Pinch, Michael Water Corporation - Australia CI
PINCHART, Marc IBA - Belgium CI CE
Pine, Andrew Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Pinhero, Luis ABB CI
Pink, Andrew Black & Veteach Thiess JV - Australia CI CE
Pinky, Andrew Black & Veteach Thiess JV - Australia CI
Pino Manriquez, Sergio Patricio CIA Siderurgica Huachipato - Chile CE
Pintera, Igor Siemens - Croatia CE CE
Pinto, Paul Canada Post - Canada CE CP
Pinto Cardenás, Rodrigo RP Ingenieria Ltda. - Chile CE CE
Piotr, Brzeziński CE
Piotr, Olesiński CE
Piotr, Żurek CE
Piou, Aurélien Fimec - France CI
Pipes, Daniel GASSCO - United Kingdom CI
Piquemal, Jean Claude RIO TINTO - France CI
Pires Pereira, Antônio USIMINAS - Brazil CI CE CP
Pirie, Stevie Ross-shire Engineering Ltd - United Kingdom CI
PIROLI, Gianluca A2A Ambiente S.p.A. - Italy CE
Piscaer, Marc Endress+Hauser - Switzerland CI CE
Pischeniuk, Vladimir Fritz Kübler GmbH - Germany CE
Pischke, Andreas Porsche AG - Germany CE
Pitson, Wade Foodmatch - Australia CI
Pityński, Wojciech Poland CE
Pitzer, Jürgen ALBA tooling & engineering GmbH CE
Piucco, Filipi AGPR5 Automação e Sistemas CI CE CP
Piyevsky, Sabina Rockwell Automation CE
Piñones, Humberto MINERA ESPERANZA - Chile CI
Pjanovic, Ilija Omron Europe B.V. CE
Place, Leigh Cousins Electrical Services Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Planting, F. Moekotte B.V. - Netherlands CE
Platt, Andrew Site Electrical Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Plattner, Björn BRONKHORST (SCHWEIZ) AG - Switzerland CI
Platts, Barry L J Monks Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Platzer, Stephan MAGNA Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG - Austria CI
Plch, Radoslav CMS, s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE CE
Pleijte, R. PAREE B.V. - Netherlands CE
Plenert, Waldemar PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Plenty, Paul CEMA - United Kingdom CE
Plescher, Thomas GEA Brewery Systems GmbH - Germany CI
Plevka, Pavel Správa přírodních léčivých zdrojů a kolonád - Czech Republic CI
Pluijlaar, R. Imtech Infra Nederland - Netherlands CI CE
Plujlaar, R. Imtech Infra Nederland - Netherlands CE
Plummer, Jonathan Infineon Technologies CE
Plummer, Simon Westbury Dairies - United Kingdom CI CE
Pocheć, Robert DYNAMATE AB EKONOMI - Poland CE CE
Podadera, Daniel AGILiCOM CE
Podkowa, Jarosław PHILIPS POLSKA - Poland CE
Podolinska , Vlasta GE-Zenon - Canada CE
Podolinsky, Frank GE-Zenon - Canada CE
Podłucki, Tomasz BSH Sprzęt Gosp. Domowego - Poland CE CE
Poelstra, Nico NUON - Netherlands CE
Poerschke, Lars Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH CI
Poggenpohl, Marc PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE CE
Pohjola, Jouni Metso Endress + Hauser Oy - Finland CE CE
Pohle, Christian Porsche Leipzig GmbH - Germany CI
Poissonnier, Philippe Arcelor Mittal - France CI
Polensky, Jason Siemens E & A - United States CE
Poletti, Fritz Lorasch GmbH - Germany CE
Polinski, Craig Siemens Energy & Automation CE
Polinski, Dan Charter Steel - United States CP
Pollier, Christophe Corail - France CI
Pollock, Tim Pentair - Australia CI
Polonia, Manuel Fantoni SpA - Italy CE
Polzer, Markus HCS Hydraulic Control Systems GmbH - Germany CE
Poncioni, Frederic Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CP
Pontejos, Roland Michael Mi Evonik - Singapore CP
Pook, Stefan Germany CD
Pooley, Kevin Masterfoods - United Kingdom CI CE
Poon, Michael Rio Tinto - Australia CI CE
Poosen, Ronald ACRO Diepenbeek - Belgium CE
Pope, Trevor British Gypsum - United Kingdom CI
Poppel, Guido Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH - Germany CI
Porma, Mikko Konecranes Oy - Finland CE
Porras, Christian ABB France CI
Porstner, Steffen ZF Friedrichshafen AG - Germany CI
PORTAL, Serge OMYA - France CI
Portales Cortés, Alberto Minera Esperanza - Chile CI
Porter, Alan Novartis Vaccines - United Kingdom CI CE
Porter, Robert South West Water - United Kingdom CI CE
Porter, Steve MCS Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Porter, William BMW Manufacturing Co. - United States CE
Portier, Frédéric Rhodia - France CI CE
Portmann, René Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Post, Bert Vanderlande Industries Nederland - Netherlands CE
Post, Burton E. STP Nuclear Operating Company CE
Posthumus, Cecil SIMOTECH (Pty) Ltd. - South Africa CI CE
Posthumus, Wynand Debeers Marine CI
Postl, Johannes Wopfinger Stein & Kalkwerke Schmid & Co. - Austria CI
Postma, Menno SCA Hygiene Products B.V. CE
Postma, O. Philips DAP Drachten - Netherlands CI CE
Postolache, Nick Siemens - United States CE CE
Potart, Patricia ARCELOR MITTAL - France CI
Potenzone, Richard Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE
Potgieter, Coenraad Control Alliance CI
Potgieter, Gert D SA German Chamber CI
Potgieter, Jean Anglo Platinum CI
Potgieter, TD E n I CI
Potiphar, Robert 4D - United Kingdom CI CE
Pott, Marcus PHOENIX CONTACT - Germany CE
Potter, Daniel BIFFA - United Kingdom CI
Potter, Ian Bosch Rexroth Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Potvin, Christophe CLEMESSY - France CI
Poty, Philippe Arcelor Mittal - France CI
Potzinger, Erich Roboter-Anlagen-Technik GmbH - Austria CE
Poulussen, M.G.F. ROVC Technische Opleidingen CI
Poumeyrol, Fabien CMP - France CI
Pound, Doug Doug Poung - United Kingdom CI
Pourier, J.J. Croon Elektrotechniek - Netherlands CI
Povolo, Massimo Fives Intralogistics Spa CE
Powell, Alec Powell Brothers Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Powell, Geoff International Steel group CE
Powell, Geoffrey National Grid - United Kingdom CI
Powell, James Siemens - Milltronics - Canada CE CP CE
Power, Craig McCain Foods - Canada - Canada CE
Power , Niall Shanley Electrical - Ireland CE
Power, Paul Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited - United Kingdom CI
Powers, Ronald Siemens Energy & Automation CE
Powney, Neil C Lonza Biologics CE
Poyser, Simon May Gurney - United Kingdom CI CE
Pozo Font, Ricardo Inprint Ingenieros - Chile CE
Pośpiech, Wojciech Poland CE
Pradi, Giovani Marcelo WEG Equipamentos Elétricos S.A. - Motores - Brazil CI CE
Prado Misseroni, Horacio Celulosa Arauco y Constitución - Chile CI
Prager, Thomas Umdasch AG - Austria CE
Pragt, Zane RCR Water - Australia CI
Prakash, Dinesh Jutty ABB - India CE
Prakash, Harish Seg Water - Australia CI
Prakash S/O Vellasamy, Arul PUB - Singapore CP
Prando, Davide University of Genova - Italy CE CE
Praski, Christof Holcim Schweiz AG - Switzerland CI
Prater, Paul MWH Treatment - United Kingdom CE
Pratt, Simon Yorkshire Water - United Kingdom CI CE
Prawitt, Dieter Philp Morris CE
Preder, Todd Professional Control Corporation - United States CE CE
Prei, Markus BHS CORRUGATED Maschinen- u. Anlagenbau GmbH - Germany CE
Preihs, Franz BUXBAUM Automation GmbH - Austria CI
Preschli, Thierry Mikron - Switzerland CI
Preston, Alan GCA JV - United Kingdom CI CE
Preston, Michael Nordex UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Preston, Uriah National Oilwell Varco - United States CE
Preuß, Jörn PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Price, Antony L J Monks Ltd - United Kingdom CE
Price, Bernie De Beers - South Africa CI
Price, Christopher Siemens Industry, Inc. - United States CE CP CE
Price, James Imtech - United Kingdom CI
Price, Jason Murrelektronik Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Price, Joshua Bilfinger IAS Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Priesmeyer, Jörg Elastogran GmbH CE
Prieto, Jose Aigües de Barcelona - Spain CI
Prill, Emil arvato media gmbH - Germany CI
Priller, Konrad Audi AG - Germany
Prince, Dennis National Oilwell Varco - United States CE
Prins, Gert Krohne - Australia CI
Prins, M. DRSH N.V. - Netherlands CI
Prior, Andrew United Kingdom CI CE
Pritchard, Robert MAG Powertrain - United States CE
Probach, Oliver ProLeiT AG - Germany CI
Probst, Joachim Endress & Hauser - Switzerland CE
Procházka, Petr SIEMENS s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE
Procházka, Radek SIEMENS s.r.o, - Czech Republic CE
Proctor, Steve Thames Water - United Kingdom CI CE
Promberger, Thomas LENZING AG - Austria CI
Pronier, Nicolas AGILiCOM CE
Pronk, H. CoNet Maintenance B.V. - Netherlands CE
Prosser, James Lockheed Martin Corp. - United States CE
Proto, Oronzo Sorgenia Puglia Spa - Italy CP
Prout, Martin Emdress & Hauser - Australia CI
Provan, Alan Processplus - United Kingdom CI
Pruessmann, Dirk CCA CE
Pruneda, Andrew Kansas City Pwer & Light - United States CE
Prus, Sebastian PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Pryce, Mick Nomenca - United Kingdom CI
Pryde, Jim McCain Foods - Canada CE
Prýmek, Aleš CMS, s.r.o. - Czech Republic CE CE
Pucci, Alain Cascades - France CI
Pucill, Jason Cargill CE
Puentes, Pablo Honeywell Chile S.A. - Chile CE CP
Pugh, David BAE Systems Submarine Solutions - United Kingdom CI CE
Puhl, Ralf Tesla Grohmann Automation - Germany CI
Puik, A.M. Evides Waterbedrijf N.V. - Netherlands CE
Puik, Ronald Evides Waterbedrijf N.V. - Netherlands CE CP
Pulgar Lazcano, Héctor Rolec S.A. - Chile CI
Punzo, Giorgio A2A Ambiente S.p.A. - Italy CE
PUOPOLO, VITO Siemens spa - Italy CE
Purontakanen, Jarno FAP Automaatio - Finland CE
Puskas, Christopher Stant Manufacturing Inc. CE
Pustlauk, Frank Siemens AG Stuttgart - Germany CE
Putra, Darman Siemens Pte Ltd - Singapore CE
Puttock, Cliff Cargill Plc - United Kingdom CI
Puurtinen, Jari Ruukki Metals Oy - Finland CE
Pye, Dennis UK Gas Technologies - United Kingdom CE
Pyle, Christopher National Oilwell Varco - United States CE CP
Płochocki, Michał Poland CE CE
Płochocki, Michał Poland CE
Płoszyński, Janusz Poland CE
Pátková, Darja SIEMENS s.r.o, - Czech Republic CE
Pérez Vega, Nibaldo Antonio Minera Centinela - Chile CI
Pérez Yupanqui, Raúl David Data inspection - Peru CI CE
Pöschl, Gerhard Gluth Systemtechnik GmbH - Germany CI
Pöttgen, Dennis Assembly & Test - Europe GmbH - Germany CI CE
Pınar, Başak Siemens - Turkey CE
Pšenička, Štěpán KUKA Roboter CEE GmbH, org. složka - Czech Republic CE