Certified People

PI, in cooperation with the Regional PI Associations and the PITCs, provides formalized training courses for persons seeking to become certified engineers or installers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.

The courses are held regularly throughout the year in many locations around the world. Please see here for a list of upcoming courses.

Certified Engineers or Installers can utilize the "Certified-logo" to confirm their status. Their names are also listed on this web site so that end users seeking support for their PROFIBUS or PROFINET networks can easily find a suitably qualified candidate. Using certified staff ensures that work is performed to the highest standards and by qualified personnel who are fully briefed in the latest techniques.

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O Önay, Kadir Siemens - Turkey CE
O Östermann, Tim WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG - Germany CE
o Özel, Yunus Emre Accenture Endustriyel Yazilim Cozumleri - Turkey CE
O Öztürk, Serkan Laib Maschinenbau GmbH - Germany CI
O'Brien, Kevin Vanderlande Industries - United Kingdom CI CI CE
O'Brien, Shane Z-Tech Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Callaghan, David Scunar - Ireland CE
O'Callaghan, Finnian Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Conner, Shaun Field Systems Designs Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Connor, Darren Fortescue Metals - Australia CI
O'Connor, David Stryker - Ireland CE
O'Connor, Tony NI Water - United Kingdom CI CE
O'Dea, John J. O'Dea - United Kingdom CI
O'Donoghue, John Ireland CE
O'Hara, Robert Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited - United Kingdom CI
O'Keefe, Dean Babock Airports - United Kingdom CE
O'Malley, Graeme Hospira Australia Pty Ltd. - Australia CI
O'Meara, Justin Stryker - Ireland CE
O'Neil, Andy SCA Hygiene Products Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
O'Neil, Jon Ross-shire Engineering Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Neil, Joseph Aird Walker and Ralston Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Neil, Paul United Utilities Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Neill, John Cully Automation - Ireland CE
O'Neill, Lee Manx Utilities - United Kingdom CI
O'Neill, Stephen Blackburn Starling & Company Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Regan, Maria Z-Tech Control Systems Ltd - United Kingdom CI
O'Reilly, Adrian Xilinx - Ireland CE
O'Reilly, Aidan Siemens Plc - United Kingdom CI CE
O'Reilly, Aidan Siemens Plc - United Kingdom CI CE
O'Reilly, Myles Phoenix Contact - United States CE
O'Reilly, Peter Boulting Group - United Kingdom CI
O'Riordan, Killian Zenith Technologies - Ireland CE
O'Toole, Brian Logicamms - Australia CI CE
Oaks, Joshua Tesco - United States CE CP
Obendorf, Bastian Werner Turck GmbH & Co.KG - Germany CE
Oberg, Peter AP&T Automation, Pressen & Werkzeuge Vertriebs-GmbH - Germany CI
Obermaier, Peter Nestlé Deutschland - Germany CI CI
Obermeier, Dieter PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Ochoa, Rick Siemens E & A - United States CE
Ochsenbein, Christian Peter Berner Fachhochschule - Switzerland CE
Ochsenreither, Steffen Endress+Hauser Process Solutions AG - Switzerland CE CP
Odom, David ATI Industrial Automation - United States CE
Odum, Russell Duracell CE
Oechsle, Stefan EvoBus GmbH - Germany CI
Oed, Thomas Reinz-Dichtungs-GmbH - Germany CI CE
Oele, Peter Actemium - Netherlands CE CP
Oeler, Sven Indu-Sol GmbH - Germany CI
Offensand, Jens Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH - Germany CE
Ogle, Adam Siemens - United States CE
Oglestone, Gary Trans-Northern Pipeline Inc. CE
Ogston, Craig Chivas Brothers Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Ogueda Montanares, Nelson Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A - Chile CI
Ogunleye, Joseph Vanderlande Industries - United Kingdom CI
Ohl, Cameron Fortescue Metals Group - Australia CI
Oikari, Jussi Metso - Finland CP
Okerhjelm, Richard Mitsubishi Electric Company - United States CE
Okeroa, Peter Sandfire Resources - Australia CI
Oksanen, Kari Metso - Finland CP
Oksuzyan, Michael Sciemetric Instruments, Inc - Canada CE
Oladejo, Deji Water Corporation - Australia CI CE
Olaru, Catalin AWL-Techniek - Netherlands CE
Olatunbosun, Philip Livingston Gunn Projects Limited - United Kingdom CI
Olbricht, Rocco Gluth Systemtechnik GmbH - Germany CI
Oldeboer, A.J. Solvay Pharmaceuticals B.V. CI
Oleggini, Enrico Turbomach CE
Olesen, Martin P. ABB CE
Olijve, Peter Hendrik DVNutrition Nof - Netherlands CE
Olinga, S. SCA Hygiene Products B.V. CE
Olivares, Francisco Soc Comercial Microglobal - Chile CI
Olivares, Rene Celulosa Arauco y Const. - Chile CI
Oliveira, Vicente Automind - Brazil CE
OLIVEIRA DOS SANTOS, CLAYTON WESTCON Instrumentação Industrial - Brazil CE
Oliver, Jamie KCA Deutag - United Kingdom CI CE
Oliver, Noel Castlemaine Perkins - United Kingdom CI
Oliver, Noel Lion Nathan - Australia CE
Oliver, Shane GCDA, John Holland - Australia CI CE
Oliver, Simon Oliver Commissioning & Controls Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Oliver, Thomas United Kingdom CI CE
Oliver, Will Germiston Techikon CI
Oliveri, Roberto University of Genova (DITEN) - Italy CE
Olivier, Andries NamZinc CI
Olmos, Anthony Manzanillo International Terminal - United States CE
Olmos, Lucioano AUTEX S.A. - Argentina CE CP
Olp, Martin Schunk GmbH & Co. KG - Germany CI
Olsen, M. Di-Teknik A/S - Denmark CE
Olson, Robert Meggitt Safety System - United States CE
Olsson, Ö. The Absolut Company AB - Sweden CE
Olthof, Steffan NUON - Netherlands CE
Omati, Stefano Siemens SpA - Italy CE
Onderwater, Aad Procentec - Netherlands CE CP
Ondzaghe, Yann-Axel Comilog - France CI
Ong, Wilson Endress+Hauser SEA CP
Ong David Rio Tinto - Australia CI CE
Onion, Joseph United Utilities - United Kingdom CI
Onn, Leow Bee E+H SEA CE
Onn, Yap Wai Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd CE
Onofri, Federica University of Genoa - Italy CI
Oon Lee, Raymond, Lim Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd - Singapore CI
Oosdijk, Wibren Croon Elektrotechniek - Netherlands CI
Oosthuizen, Danie Modikwa Platinum Mine CE
Oosting, R. Emmtec Engineering - Netherlands CE
Opazo Bustamante, Aldo Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A. - Chile CI
Orgenia, D.J. Verebus Engineering B.V. - Netherlands CE
Ormerod, Matthew Damar Group Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Ormrod, Christopher PCS (Consultants) Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Orostica Ormeno, Rodrigo RP ingenieria Ltda - Chile CI
Ortega, Alfonso ECONOTEC AG - Switzerland CE
Ortiz, David AQUALOGY - Spain CI
Ortiz Mura, Patricio RP Ingeniería Ltda. - Chile CI CE
Ortmann, Thomas E.ON - Germany CP
Orzechowski, Maciej Volkswagen Poznan Sp. z o.o. - Poland CE
Osadcii, Alexandr SIEMENS s.r.o, - Czech Republic CE
Osborn, Rick Emerson Process Management - United States CE CP
Oster, Philipp Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH - Germany CI
Osupeng, Pontsho Debswana CI
Otero, Noel CE
Othman, Homam ASM Establishment - Saudi Arabia CE
Otrisal, Marek Roboter-Anlagen-Technik GmbH - Austria CE
Ott, Harald Walter Gerätebau GmbH - Germany CE
Otte, Thorsten Danfoss GmbH - Germany CE
Otter, L. Electrotechniek Hollander BV CE
Ou Yang, Andy Thomson Controls - Australia CI
Ouanoughi, Salim CEGELEC CI
Oubid, Bassam Siemens - Australia CI
Oude Elferink, T. Koster E&I - Netherlands CI
Oudman, Ken City of London CE
Ovenden, Andrew Engenica ICA Dept - United Kingdom CI CE
Ovink, S.J.T. Tebodin B.V. CE
Owbridge, K. Vanderlande Industries UK - United Kingdom CE
Owczarz, Dariusz Poland CE
Owen, Daniel Lloyd Morris Electrical Limited - United Kingdom CI
Owen, Gary AB InBev UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Owen, Michael Ham Baker Controls - United Kingdom CI
Owen, Steven Artenius Pet Packaging UK Ltd - United Kingdom CI
Owenby, Michael Siemens - United States CE
Owusu, Richard ALSTOM Grid UK Ltd. - United Kingdom CI
Oxley, Peter TKA Tallent Chassis Ltd - United Kingdom CI CE
Ozinga, M. WATERNET - Netherlands CE
Ozturkler, Baris Siemens - Turkey CE
O`Brian, Stevie Boulting Group - United Kingdom CI
Oñate González, Henry FAM - Chile CI